10 Different Types of Picture Frames

10 Different Types of Picture Frames

Picture frames are designed for decorating photos and artworks to make them look more beautiful while also protecting them. Framed arts or photos are used in homes as wall decorations.

You can frame personalized photos, family moments, photos of your favorite moments, and more. All these allow for easy display and helps protect the photo you cherish for years to come.

Frames are readily available in various forms and shapes. There are circular, squared, rectangular, and heart-shaped frames that you can use in protecting your photos.

These frames can hold any photo or artwork of their matching size and dimension. There are different types of picture frames to be discussed, which can be seen in this post.

1. Shadow Box Frames

Shadow Box Frames

A shadow box is a type of frame that is designed with deep boxes and has coverings made of glass that are placed over the cover. It helps them to firmly hold photos, artworks, or any other treasured item by adding dimension to these items.

When assembling photos in a shadow box frame, the depth of the items in the box creates an elegant visual effect. These boxes are good for displaying items like papercrafts, photos, and other keepsakes.

2. Clip Frame

Clip frames are one of the popular ways in which you can display your photo or artwork. They are not real frames, but with these frames, you can display photos and artworks lacking an outer frame.

When using a clip frame, the artwork or photo is placed in between the backing material and the glazing material. These materials are both thin glass sheets containing tiny fitted clips that are made to fit at the corners and hold the items together.

Photos and artworks that are displayed in clip frames have a sleek and contemporary look that is suitable for any home decor style. You can display items like posters, photos, small artworks, and collages in a clip frame.

However, some paintings that are made with oil mediums should not be displayed using clip frames as they can cause damage to the artwork.

3. Float Frame

Float frames look great with canvassed photos and artwork. They are designed in a way that gives the item they are holding a floating appearance which brings about a captivating visual detail.

Photos of artworks displayed here will create a three-dimensional vertical distance below the surface of the frame since objects in a floating frame appear as though they are sitting on air.

You can display your most treasured artwork or photo in a floating frame. It adds glamour to these pieces and makes them stand out amongst other framed arts in your gallery space.

4. Digital Picture Frame

Digital Picture Frame

This frame type is designed to showcase one or multiple digital photos without necessarily utilizing a printer or computer. These frames have conventional appearances.

They can be displayed on tables or hung on the wall. Due to the design of these frames, images can be showcased in sequence, and old images can be easily replaced by new ones.

5. Decorative Frames

They are not plain frames; they are decorative just like their name. They are designed with write-ups, pictures, and three-dimensional elements that project from them.

If you come across a decorative frame that matches the theme of your artwork or photo, both the frame and the photo you are displaying will have a unique, elegant, and explosive union.

6. Collage Frame

When you choose to frame your photo or small artworks in a collage frame, you can display as many items as you want. With collage frames, you are not restricted to a single photo display; you can match as many photos as you want as far as they are in line with the general theme.

Collage photo frames can be used to showcase specific photoshoot memories from events such as birthdays, weddings, graduation, and vacation. You do not have to select a favorite photo, as you can go all out and display all your favorite photos in one frame.

7. Document Frame

If you are framing a document, then you should best opt for a document frame. They are made specifically to match the paper sizes you want to frame, and they come in classic styles and colors.

They look superb in the office and study area, and you can easily obtain them at frames stores in New York. They look great for any type of documents they are holding.

8. Poster Frame

This type of frame is suitable for extra-large photos. Most people will normally stick large photos on the wall using tapes or glue, but you can obtain a poster frame for a more refined and elegant look.

Poster frames are just as large as the posters, and they will give the posters a neat and high-quality appearance while hanging on the wall. They are available in various width frames, and you can choose to match ones to enhance your posters.

9. Bamboo Frames

This frame type is made of sturdy materials that will stand the test of time. Most people go all out for bamboo frames because they are designed with peculiar textures.

Bamboo frames can accentuate the photos and artworks they are holding and make room for visual interest. Your photos will stand out when you choose a bamboo frame.

10. Metal Frames

This is solid, lightweight, and helps give a bright-looking to the frame. Although very light and can be hung on the wall or moved from one place to another, it will hardly suffer any form of damage. Metal frames can be painted, but the elegance is also seen through its metallic color.


Frames are produced in various styles, sizes, and shapes using clean materials that will help pop your artwork. There are different types of frames that you can use to bring your photo or artwork to life.

When picking a frame for your artwork or photo, be sure that they are suitably matched. The frames should not only hold the photo or artwork, but they should help the piece to pop.

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