10 Interesting Framing Facts That’ll Shock You

10 Interesting Framing Facts That'll Shock You

Picture framing is one of the best ways to preserve your artwork and photos and also to decorate your house. You can get a wide range of custom picture frames that are available in the market based on your preferences. Picture frames are used to decorate the hallway, offices, auditorium, and various other living spaces.

Every living space has a different interior and to enhance the look of the house you must get a picture frame that blends into it. Besides the interior, the frame you choose must be able to enhance the beauty of the artwork rather than destroying it.

Picture frames are not just for decoration, they are also helpful in protecting the artwork from external elements such as dust, moisture, and UV rays of the sun. These elements have the potential to deteriorate the quality of the artwork or photos. Well, all these things are quite common and known to the people who have a keen interest in artwork and picture frames. But here we bring you some of the interesting facts about picture framing that you might not be knowing.

#1 Custom Picture Frames Are Available In Wide Variety:

Custom Picture Frames Are Available In Wide Variety

Picture frames are not just of one type, you can get wide varieties and also you can get custom picture frames. Professional framers would help you build a custom frame by taking note of all the preferences such as framing material, framing cover material (acrylic or glass), the color of the frame, and dimension. With custom picture frames, you can ensure that the beauty of the artwork as well as the living space in which it is hanged would be enhanced.

#2 Have You Heard Of Lara Khoury?

Well, she is basically from the United Arab Emirates and known to have the largest collection of picture frames. According to the records, she possesses approximately 2,214 empty frames since 1992.

#3 Where Was The Largest Photo Frame Constructed?

Where Was The Largest Photo Frame Constructed

Well, the answer to this is Dubai. The dimension of this largest photo frame is 150 x 93 meters. It portrays old Dubai versus the new Dubai.

#4 If you are asked to distinguish between the American Frame And European Frame – Will you be able to do it?

Well, it’s quite simple, if you wish to distinguish between an American frame from a European frame, you can do it by making use of the iconography. In the European picture frames, you would find an acanthus leaf design engraved perfectly. But in American picture frames, you could see images of tobacco, corn, or wheat begin to appear on frames. This was due to the fact that America became an agricultural power, around 1850.

#5 Heard About “The Fine Art Trade Guild”? What Is So Special About It?

You might be surprised to know that this was established in order to promote, develop, and inform the picture framing industry. Even today they have perfectly set standards & guidelines for the prints and picture framing industry.

#6 What Was The Reason Behind Creating Portable Framing Parts?

The demand for picture frames increased in the wealthy estates. They were more interested in bringing the artwork to their homes, which could be only possible if the framing parts were portable.

#7 Who gave this famous quiet amount picture framing – “A picture without a frame is like a soul without a body”? Van Gogh.

#8 Do You Think Frames Would Be Having Copyright?

Well, according to the facts, picture frames do not have any copyright. One frame can look similar to another frame if the artists designing them are the same.

#9 Highly Qualified Artist Design Their Own Frame.

You might not be knowing about this, but if you come across a well-experienced artist, then you would find that they design their own picture frame that would be suitable for the artwork. They do not find any other picture frame suitable enough to enhance the beauty of their art.

#10 What Do You Think Are The Most Essential Components Of A Picture Frame?

A picture frame can be built in a perfect manner if you are ensuring that the essential components are perfect, such as:

The main picture frame: It is the outermost layer that is visible to the viewers and helps in enhancing the beauty of the artwork or photos.

The topmost layer covering: It might be glass or acrylic. This layer is placed above the artwork that helps in filtering out harmful UV rays.

Picture Frame Matting: The matboards are available in different sizes and materials. You need to choose the best one that will suit your artwork and frame.

Backing For The Artwork: This frame backing is used for providing support to the artwork from behind. It ensures that the artwork remains stable and rigid as well as archival and acid-free.


Well, these are some of the most interesting facts about picture framing. If you want to keep learning new things about picture frames and the techniques used in framing artwork, then stay tuned to our blog!

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