10 Most Unique Ways to Use Vintage Picture Frames

10 Most Unique Ways to Use Vintage Picture Frames

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I have a quick question; are you planning to throw all those vintage picture frames you found during the cleaning. Well, I would suggest not to! Why you ask……

Very simple, I have got some fantabulous and unique ideas for you, to use those age-old picture frames in a new and very interesting ways, even your guests will be surprised to see your creativity and you would be able to preserve those vintage frames of your Grand Ma’s time in a better and beautiful way.

How you ask…….

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Here are 10 most unique ideas to use Vintage Picture Frames, which will not only add to the decor but also help you preserve those memories of old times.

Here we go…..

1. A Table Lamp

Yes, you heard me right! Make a table lamp of those vintage picture frames. All you need to do is take three or four same sized photo frames with pictures in them. If you are taking four frames your lamp would be square in shape, whereas in the case of three frames it will a triangular shaped lamp. Paste them from sides with an adhesive, now take a cardboard cut it in a square or a triangle, paste this cardboard piece at the bottom of the lamp, now take a string of miniature bulbs and put it inside the frame box you have just made. Connect the lamp to the socket and that’s all, your lamp is ready to light….. have fun!

2. A Keyholder

Sometimes to find keys is a task, but I have an idea to organize and arrange all your keys in one place that too without spending fortunes.

All you need to do is take the old picture frame, remove the picture and the glass from it. We will use only the frame, nothing else, also, any shape whether a rectangle or the square will do. Now, fix three to five hooks on the horizontal part of the frame. That’s it, your key holder or hanger is ready to be used. Place it on the wall, mostly just near the main door from where it is easy for you to get your keys and get going without the hassle of finding keys.

3. A Side Table

Yes, you can make a side table from your vintage frames. For that just take the bigger frame and fix a long leg with three or four supports to it. Your table is ready for use either in your living room beside your sofa or in your bedroom just at the side of your bed. Isn’t it cool?

4. A Chic Tray

Try this, when someone visits you this time use a tray made up of your vintage photo frame, your tray will capture all your guest’s attention for a while. Just take the frame of any shape, fix two tray handles (you will get them nearby or online) each side and your tray is ready to serve coffee to your guests.

5. A Pen Holder

Fix three or four frames together, take a piece of cardboard and fix at the bottom and now use your pen holder.

6. A Show Case

If you have a frame which is deep and bigger in size, remove the picture from it and put your souvenir or the keepsake, and use the frame as a showcase, hang it in your living room.

7. A Salt Seller Holder

If you want to make your dining look a little more interesting, then just use your picture frame which has the depth for putting your salt sellers and small utility boxes in the area. It will surely add to your creativity.

8. A Door Message Holder

If you want to have a welcome message placed on the main door, just take your old frame and open it from back write the message on the glass of the frame, close the frame and hang it on the main door. Message can be ‘sweet home’ or anything you wish to have.

9. A Decorative Collage

For making a beautiful collage all you need to do is just use the frame, take the frame and four or six clinchers, fix them two or three each on both sides, and take a thin jute rope and tie that to the clinchers from both the ends. Now few clips and your photos, clip them on the jute rope, your beautiful and mesmerizing collage is ready to flaunt.

10. A Bling Hanger

We can understand the task when a girl has to go through searching for the pair of earrings or the neck pieces when she is all set to go for the party. Now, no more searching for just doing. All you have to do is take the frame, remove the glass from it, take few small clinchers fix them on the board of the frame and arrange all your small or large pieces of jewelry in the hanger or holder.

Just try out, you will have fun doing so!

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