3 Framing Ideas For Black And White Photos

3 Framing Ideas For Black And White Photos

It is a timeless and elegant choice to print photos in black and white. However, it can be a challenge to get the right framing ideas for these black and white prints. The process of framing black and white photos should not be difficult. There are various ways through which you can make it fun. You can hang your white and black photos within existing collage in a hallway, choose a mat or frame to add a pop of color or add them to a display shelf with other photos. Here are some framing ideas for your black and white photos.

1. Keep it classic

Keep it classic

Choose a black picture frame if you’re interested in a timeless color palette. The black frame should be with a white or off-white mat. To draw attention to your photo and make a bold statement, choose a neutral mat that is light-colored and a strong black frame. A black frame will act as a contrast to photos that are lighter while still highlighting its darker features.

A great way to emphasize the various tones in your white and black photos is through the use of classic silver picture frames. The elegance and shine of a silver frame surrounding a light-colored neutral mat can add light and joy to a room. Try charcoal or stormy grey mat for something darker.

The art of framing black and white photos is a good way of setting a particular mood. Because of its more classic look, you can use it to bridge traditional and a more custom design. Select and arrange matching frames in a grid, otherwise, splash mismatched sizes of the frames on the wall to shake things up.

2. Tie it in with your existing decor

The decoration in your home or space can give you framing inspiration for your black and white photos. Take note of the current decoration in your home, like the shelves, art, chairs, and knick-knacks. Note the theme and all other styles, colors, and materials that you like. Also, take a good look at where you would like to display your black and white photos. See areas where you intend to display your black and white photos and draw inspiration from the existing decoration within the space.

Since frames come in various sizes, shapes, styles, and colors, it is easy to find something that complements the decoration of your home or space. For example, you can try a wood frame or distressed metal with no mat or a small mat if your home has a rustic feel. If your home has a more modern feel, you can select a polished metal frame with an off-center mat that is large. For homes that feature accents or shelves of a certain wood finish or color, ensure you complement or match them.

3. Add a pop of color

Add a pop of color

You can choose to offset your black and white photos with a pop of color. You can do this with a brightly colored frame or with over 100 hues. Try the textured Bruxelles for more subdued tones.

The use of a metallic frame is also a good idea when it comes to adding a pop of color. Similar to the most popular white and black frames, the metallic frame also goes well with black and white photos. There is a variety of metallic colors you can choose from, such as burnt copper and gold among others. Something extra to add to the beauty of your black-and-white photo is the shiny color of metallic frames. It sure brings the beauty out of an already white and black piece. Both color and brightness are also added to the photo. The result is an elegant design for your wall piece.

A metallic-colored mat also works well to this effect. Contrasting it with black-and-white furniture, decorative lamps, and other bold elements in the room is a good idea.


It is easier to work with black and white photos than the more colorful photos. Since they are monochromatic, they can complement any interior design or color scheme.

If you use the framing ideas that have been presented to you in this guide, your cherished moments or art pieces will be turned into a beautiful display that will intrigue your visitors.

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