3 Ways To Frame Your Oil Paintings

3 Ways To Frame Your Oil Paintings

Oil Paintings are priceless pieces of art composed on canvas with oil or cotton as the likely variations. Framing an oil painting with a personalized picture frame resonates highly with the select clientele. There are no endless choices when it comes to framing a painting. You will have to choose between a minimalistic design, traditional or antique frame based on the style of composition.

Choosing that immaculate frame:

There are three types of frames. They are a baguette, float and traditional frame type. The Baguette is a flat panel of wood that encases the painting inside and enhances the painting with a modern look while offering a full view of the painting without causing any obstructions.

Traditional Frames: The traditional type of frame is just a frame. That’s all. It neither enhances your painting nor contributes in any way to the painting.

Baguette and float frames: These two frames enhance the work of painting to a slight extent because these two frames add some detail of their own.

Float frames: The float frames add a striking contrast to the picture and isolate the frame from the picture in the center of the wall thus coveting the picture in a beautiful way. Float frames use a mat to the painting inside your frame. They provide a modern look to the painting sharply in contrast with the traditional type of painting.

Baguette frames: Baguette frames lift the picture some inches above the wall. The baguette frame makes the work look dramatic. The frame gives a feeling that the painting will fall off the face of the wall, by popping out of the frame.

Thus the essential difference between the two namely baguette and float are that while float has a mat separating the frame and the canvas whereas the baguette does not have an inch of space between the two.

Use traditional frames for exquisite landscapes and portraits:

The traditional frames originate in differing sizes and shapes and can be metal or wood. They, in addition, add a visual element of their own to the final presentation, But do not wean the viewer away from the painting by concentrating on the type of frame for too long.

Traditional frames are in stark contrast with baguette type of frames. The traditional frames overlap the edges of the canvas and are incorporated with minor details of its own that serve to make the viewer view the image in a different light.

A different line of thinking would be to go with a simple frame and upgrade to a better version as and when the situation demands.

Viewer tips:

Ideally, match the painting with the frame aesthetics and get going with the frame that enhances the painting without veering from the finer nuances in the painting. Try this one for size; you need not go for a frame design that is very much decorated when you’re seeking it for a hyper-realistic painting bordering on idyllic surroundings.

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