5 Home Decor Trends In 2020

5 Home Decor Trends In 2020

History of Home decor

The home decor has evolved from the cave arts of the ancient people. Before the 18th century, wall arts, paintings, and homemade furniture were a symbol of status for the rich and noble people. It can be mostly seen in the Roman period, where the home decor and lifestyles showed the wealth and the pride of a particular person. The interior home decors consisted of benches, tables, mattresses, floor carpets, and rugs. But, after the renaissance, this field became more exposed where the ordinary people also showed interest in beautifying their houses. With time, these traditional interior designs start to change into modern styles. So, people started to think and design new home decor ideas. At present, this field has occupied the leading place in the construction of houses, where people tend to invest more money to gain the maximum elegant appearance to their houses. At present, home decor has become more efficient and modernized with the development of technology.

What are new home decor trends

Building our own house has become an essential goal in our lives. A well-built house with a comfortable plan, decoration, and facilities show the standard of someone’s life. Anyone can manage the architectural plan of a house according to their likes and dislikes, privacy as well as the investment. So, when we built a house the most of the attention should be paid towards the new trends during the particular period along with our desires and interest. It is important to explore the new home decor trends so we can choose the best home decoration for our house by considering our family, freedom, profession as well as privacy. As the most trending house decor materials, we can site the handicrafts, wooden furniture, light bulbs, curved sofas, and also photo frames.

We can collect the desired arts to enjoy the beauty of a traditional house. A-frame with antique art can show our interest in our own national or world history. Apart from that, a canvas print also can be framed to add more beauty to your house. An acrylic box frame can give your art a clear and a wider viewing angle. It can show you the view of more than one side making your house wall more attractive. We can make our sitting room, master bedroom, dining room, and the kitchen most alive by hanging antique frames, canvas prints, or acrylic box frames.

Types of trending home decor styles

1. Mid Century Modern Style

By using wooden materials for your home decor, you can create a mid-century modern style. It can give a simple natural look to your newly built house. Wrought iron, metal, and glass also can be used to decorate your house according to the mid-century modern style. It can also add value and preserve your culture and tradition.

2. Navy or Nautical Style

If you are a sea lover, you can adore your house with a Navy or Nautical Style. This style will be more suitable if your area has cold weather. It can give you a maritime sensation together to improve the tranquility in your mind. And also, you can apply a traditional print or canvas prints in the space of walls. If not, you can simply try this style for your master bedroom. You can also use frames related to the sea, such as ships, boats, or sea waves, which make your wall more bluish by giving a fresh feeling.

3. Classic Modern Style

If your interest is between old and modern, you can feel free to decorate your house with a classic modern style. This is a new version of old houses where you can renew and add a modern look to your own house. It can exhibit a substantial and new standard view of your house because of the high-quality fabrics and wood. In the classic modern style, your furniture will look more adorable in the background of white paint.

4. Industrial Style

The Industrial style can be used if you prefer a free environment. Large windows and high ceilings can allow more ventilation into your house. Here, you can try out a statement ceiling with preferable colors. Pillars and exposed beams can create a different look to your new house. You can use antique materials, including photo frames to decorate your house. You can also adore your room with your style.

5. Darker Take On Scandy Style

A Darker take on Scandy Style can create a slightly darker and moodier look to your living room, which becomes more attractive and mind-blowing with the lighting in your house. You can use a wood table and bench combo to improve the Scandy style. You can keep a few house plants to make the interior more natural and refreshing.

Apart from these home decoration styles, you can add more trending decors to your house. If you are planning to have a small kitchen, you can make a concealed kitchen, which makes you more spacious and neat. You can also try a concrete bathroom style for a more stylish look. Animal print rugs with leopard print or zebra print can create a difference in your house designing. You can also consider your family before deciding on a particular style, where your kids prefer a more spacious and free environment. By exploring through the new trends, let’s identify and apply the most desired trends according to our comfort and preferences. And let’s try to create a mind-blowing and eye-catching interior decor in our houses.

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