5 Things To Consider While Custom Framing

5 Things To Consider While Custom Framing

Millions of people love to frame their photos and artwork in their room or living hall or office. People considered it a way of cherishing the memories and bring in positive vibes in the home. The popular trend in the framing industry that everyone loves is Custom Framing. Although custom framing can be really intimidating, it is also fun and exciting.

You can easily enhance the look of your home by custom framing. Custom framing requires a lot of decision making and proper consultation from professional, highly skilled framers. Custom framing brings a stunning and memorable elegance to your home decor. When you frame your artwork and photographs it serves as focal points or accents to a room as they provide that needed finish to any piece.

But while custom framing your artwork or photographs you need to be meticulous while making the right choice, selecting the texture and appearance. The custom frame must complement the artwork and photos and not destroy its appeal. Your slightest mistake can make a huge change in the photos or artwork.

5 Things To Consider While Custom Framing

Acknowledge Your Framing Style:

When you have decided to custom frame your artwork and images, then is it essential to keep in mind the custom frame should go hand in hand with the artwork. Align with the artwork, you must also take into consideration the wall on which the artwork is going to be hanged. Moreover, the custom frame must blend into the decor style of the specific room. If you are finding it difficult to make the final decision, take help from professional framing services. They will let you know whether you should go with a modern clean look custom frame or traditional style custom frame or try an eclectic mix.

Be Broad-Minded While Considering Custom Framing:

Professional custom framers work with their clients or customer in collaborations. While choosing custom frames, you must explain the framers, what you are looking for. Whether the custom frame should be elegant and sober or it should be bright enough to attract the guests’ attention. Explain your ideas if the custom frame will help the framer to provide the best for your artwork or photos.

Loving the Diversity Of Custom Frames:

Most often people select the custom frame that matches the other frames on the wall or in the room. For instance, you might ask for a black custom frame because other frames of the room are black. But actually, this logic does not look appealing. If you want to make the artwork and the room or wall elegant and exquisite make sure you are choosing a custom frame that complements other frames of the room.

Always Consider The Size Of The Custom frame:

The custom frame size that you choose for the artwork or images should be big enough to fit the artwork in it. It should make the artwork look stunning so that the size of the custom frame must not be too big or extremely small.

Durability Of The Custom Frames: When you choose professional framers such as Paintbox Shop, you do not have to worry about the quality and durability of the frames. The framers make sure to provide the best to their customers. The custom frames provided by the professional framers are durable and help you to keep your artwork well protected for a long time. It protects the artwork from fading or getting spoiled by external environmental factors.

Custom Frame Matting:

Well, it depends on you and your artwork. If you feel that the artwork looks incomplete without proper matting then you must choose the right mat that goes with your artwork. Mats give images or artwork a personal touch. Generally, the best way to decide if you want a mat is by holding the chosen custom framing material and mat up to the piece. Mostly, the artwork with a clean background does not require mat whereas photos and paintings that need some distance between their colors and frame can benefit from matting.

Display With Custom frames: When you have finalized the frame and set the artwork into it, the next step is to display it in the right place. Placement is important you enhance the look of the decor. In case, if you’re truly struggling with arranging your decor, you can hire an interior designer to display your custom-framed pieces.


Your framing artwork today will very likely be an heirloom for your kids or grand-kids. It is always recommended to preserve the artwork and images in museum-quality mat boards and UV protective glass. You frame artwork and images that hold a special place in your life, so let’s take the best care possible.

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