5 Tips On Framing Your Artwork For A Gallery Show

5 Tips On Framing Your Artwork For A Gallery Show

Art is something everyone loves! It is also the key element to any wall decoration. A properly framed artwork adds life to the room and increases the visual interest of people who enter the room. Custom Picture Frames give a distinguished look to the artwork as well as protect it from external elements that can damage the work. Generally, people are quite familiar with the framing process when it comes to decorating their living spaces or offices. But do you know how to frame the artwork for a Gallery Show?

When you are framing your artwork for a Gallery Show or Art Convention or Art Exhibition, it is essential to consider the artistic vision.

Here are some tips for framing your artwork for an Exhibition or Gallery Show.

#1 Choose A Frame That Does Not Overshadow Your Artwork:

You must coordinate your frame to the artwork as well as the space where it will be hung. Choose a style and color that enhances the look and feel of the artwork without overwhelming it. The frame should not take center stage. Remember, it is all about the artwork and your frame must compliment it and not overshadow it.

If the work of art is modern like a black and white photograph, then choosing a frame in silver or black is the best strategy. If the work of art is traditional like a painting or portrait then its better to go for a decorative frame with a design in gold or white.

#2 Identify Whether Your Artwork Need A Mat Or Not

It is a general observation that most of the framed artwork needs a mat.They prevent the work from touching the glass and also allow the air to flow around the artwork. This is vital to prevent the work and glass from sticking together over time.

Mats are also helpful in creating a visual transition space between the wall and artwork. When framing artwork, it is always advised to choose a mat that is lighter than the artwork but darker than the wall. If you want to give it a traditional look, pick a prominent accent color from the art to enhance the mat color. A gilded bevel on a mat can really elevate the look while still keeping it simple. The mat you choose for your artwork would make it stand out from other artwork that would be displayed in the room.

#3 Take Into Consideration The Size And Proportion Of The Artwork:

If you have decided to use a mat for your framed artwork, you must remember that the mat and frame should never be of equal widths. Why? Well, because the eye tends to visualize this as stripes around the work. According to the experts, you should have a mat wider than the frame. Along with this, you also need to pay attention to the size of the artwork. The size of your artwork dictates the overall size of the frame. Generally, the larger the painting or print the wider the frame should be.

#4 Besides Framing – Hanging Your Artwork Is Also Important:

Hanging your artwork in a proper way is a key component when framed art does not get the proper attention from the audience. For ready-made frames, examine the hanging hardware on the back and think about whether that will be secure enough on your wall. Size and weight impact the type of hardware needed. If the framed art weighs more than 10 pounds, it is best to use d-rings and hanging wire.

Hang Art at Eye Level: Generally, most art museums and galleries recommend handing the artwork at the eye level which is 58 inches on center. This means that the center of each piece or grouping is 58 inches from the floor. Not only is this where art can be most easily seen and most thoroughly enjoyed, but using a standard height will also give your exhibition a professional look and help the viewer go seamlessly from one piece to the other.

#5 Research Everything About The Gallery Where You Would Be Exhibiting Your Artwork:

Apart from proper framing and hanging you must also focus on your target audience. Whenever you are opting for a gallery show, explore the gallery, know about the space you would get if you display your artwork. These two important aspects would help you to understand how and where you would be hanging your artwork. The artwork should be displayed in such a way that it attracts visitors.


While preparing for a gallery show, you must get your artwork properly framed, apply mat if required, secure the hanging supports, and finally display the artwork in a most exquisite way. All these preparations will help you to add a unique effect to your artwork and make it stand out from others.

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