5 Ways To Decorate Your Bathroom With Modern Artwork

5 Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom with Modern Artwork

One of the most exciting areas to decorate in your house is the bathroom. You get to select your bathroom art once you have laid your dream tiles and installed your jewelry-like elegant bathroom fittings. The process of decorating your bathroom with modern art is noncommittal. It is unlike most of the choices you will have to make in a bathroom remodel. It is easy to switch out your bathroom art. This is a good thing because the ideas for decorating the walls of your bathroom are countless.

There are a few things to consider before you commit to a suite of vintage bathroom paintings or wall art in your bathroom. Below are things you must consider when choosing artwork for your bathroom.

1. Find your style

The availability of modern artwork is in all styles and aesthetics. Therefore, you must remember what you need before going through bathroom art or before making a purchase. Before you begin the decorating process, whether after completing a remodeling of your home or changing the color of the paint on the bathroom wall, you need to consider the mood that you are seeking to create. Take note of what you intend to achieve. Do you want an elegant and serene look? Is it a playful but yet modern space? Or maybe you want an escape that is nature-inspired and calming. Take a note of these things, whatever they are.

2. Choose your medium

Like every other room in the house, bathrooms are also subject to sunlight and darkness, drafts and heat, as well as need to be able to endure steam and moisture. The art in your bathroom should be able to withstand the humid environment. Professionally framed artworks such as photographs and prints, among others, with a sealed back will do well for hangings in your bathroom — they are unlikely to warp or develop mildew. The most durable artwork for your bathroom are glass plates and ceramic or sculpture pieces — they are the best choice.

It is recommended that acrylic or oil paintings should not be exposed to humidity; the exception being when they are sealed in glass. Nevertheless, you may be able to minimize humidity if your bathroom is well-ventilated by windows or an exhaust fan. You should not consider hanging wallpaper in a bath with a shower; this is because wallpaper is more likely to peel off when exposed to humidity.

3. Where to hang your bathroom art

Where to hang your bathroom art

The size of your bathroom, the slope of your ceilings, and the material of your surfaces are things that will help determine where you can hang art in your bathroom. One good location to hang your artwork is opposite a bathroom mirror. You can catch a glimpse of your beautifully designed bathroom art when you’re getting ready for the day if it is placed in the rearview. A vantage point from your shower or bathtub is another space you should consider hanging your artwork in the bathroom.

Any piece of artwork for the bathroom can be drilled into the glass, marble, porcelain, granite, or other natural stone tiles. Unlike spackling up drywall, fixing or covering a drill hole in tile is not easy. Therefore, you should get a professional to do it.

A piece of artwork can create a beautiful focal point if hung properly on your tiled wall that is above the bathtub in your bathroom. For a bathroom with a separate water closet, an assortment of smaller framed pieces is a great idea. This will help create a jewel-box effect.

4. Finding the right size

The appropriate size of your bathroom artwork will depend upon the kind of statement you’re going for, how much space is available to you, and the number of pieces you intend to hang. Go bigger if you are hanging only one piece of a medium to large-size. If it is a pair or a series of artworks that you are hanging, it is recommended that you make use of small and medium-sized frames. Hanging a diminutive artwork piece over a bathtub that is expansive can create an unrivaled pleasant element of surprise.

Ways to Decorate Your Bathroom with Modern Art

1. Botanicals and nature-inspired prints:

Natural elements and a botanical print can give your bathroom an organic vibe. Go for a coral linocut, a floral silhouette, or a painting with an abstract wave motif. These elements from nature can suit any style and aesthetic, and so you will find something that will suit the space in your bathroom.

2. Easy abstracts:

An abstract print or painting is something that will never fail when decorating your bathroom. This is because abstracts are neither complicated nor too thematic. It is quite easy to move them around. For a start, you can look for artwork that complements the colors of your other finishes in the bathroom; this could be any hardware, wallpaper, tile, or even the color of the paint.

3. Scenic artwork and calm landscapes:

Choose artwork with scenic and calm landscapes for a serene and soothing space. Examples of scenic bathroom arts are seascape oil paintings, hand-colored lithographs, and photography of the California desert.

4. Figurative art:

Figurative art

Figurative artworks are particularly fitting for the bathroom. Every figurative sketch can bring a special feel to the bathroom. Photographic portraits, vintage ink drawings, or original oil paintings are forms through which you can present figurative art.

5. Playful bathroom wall hangings:

Some smart ideas to decorate your bathroom are vibrantly colored Juju hats, Jere sculptures, mid-century modern brass, and vintage signs. These artworks will withstand the moisture and humidity that are common in the bathroom.


Getting to know where and how to hang artwork in the bathroom can be quite overwhelming. Still, you do not need to remodel your whole bathroom to bring life to it. The ideas discussed above are sure tips that will help you decorate your bathroom with modern artwork. If you follow these tips, every other decoration in your bathroom will feel right. However, you should seek a second opinion if you still face difficulty decorating your bathroom with modern artwork, even after following the tips in this guide.

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