5 Ways Wide-Format Printing Can Help Your Business!

5 Ways Wide-Format Printing Can Help Your Business!

Technological advancement has taken a large leap in the printing business. People have embraced new and innovative ways of advertising. Due to this, most people started assuming that printing is dead. Well, it is not! According to a survey, it was found that print advertising is still considered one of the most trustworthy forms of advertising. But how? In the era of online advertising, what kind of print advertising would work?

The answer is simple – Wide Format Printing!

Wide-format printing is a versatile, powerful form of advertising that your business can leverage for marketing purposes. So now let’s understand how wide format prints can boost the growth of your business.

#1 Wide Format Prints Help The Business To Create Large Scale Posters:

Well you might have heard the phrase, the bigger the better! It is applicable when you want to grab the attention of your target audience. Having a large scale poster for advertising can help you catch a client’s eye. Why should a business opt for wide format prints for advertising? As the attention span of the public is decreasing day by day, it is essential for the business to provide posters that are of high quality and have awesome visuals. [Don’t miss out on the logos of the company]. Hence every business whether small or big would require wide-format printing to get such images. You would see the change in the results when to transform the tiny 8.5 by 11-inch advertising poster into a massive 24 by 36-inch poster.

#2 Wide-Format Prints Help In Generating Brand Recognition:

Wide-format printing’s major aim is to create business brand recognition. This could be done when you are making use of large size prints/posters and not tiny flyers. The wide format prints have the potential to reach a large number of people. You can have vertical advertising banners and promotional signs outside your store. It will act as a great marketing strategy. It will encourage people to stop and find out about the store. Some people might also take a look inside.

#3 The Wide Format Prints Are Cost-Effective:

(They are less expensive than the Professionally Printed Marketing Materials) If your business is having a tight budget for marketing and advertising then wide format prints can be the best option for you. How? Well, wide-format printers print the images digitally. Hence there is no requirement of heavy expensive plates to be used when creating high-quality prints. So you can have innumerable large format advertising posters within your budget.

#4 Wide Format Prints Helps Your Business To Stand Out:

There are still some business houses that feel that hand-printed signs are charming. But in reality, these work only if you are going to run a lemonade stand and not a renowned company. While using wide format prints, you can ensure that the signage designed or created should be of the highest quality. It will portray a professional aspect of your business which the clients can trust and rely on. The wide-format print would be beneficial for your business, as it will elevate your brand’s image to a level that most can’t emulate on their own.

#5 Wide Format Prints Offers Versatile Solutions For Your Business:

With the changing times, businesses also have to keep upgrading their marketing strategies to reach the target audience. They have to bring in innovation in the design and material being used in the advertising and print media. By embracing the wide format printing advertising and marketing solutions, your company or business can enjoy versatile solutions. Your business can make use of various signs, posters, banners, decals, and many more options. You can choose to print formats according to your business preferences.

Besides this, you also have flexibility in choosing the material on which the advertisement designing would be fabricated.

#6 Wide Format Prints Will Stand The Test of Time:

Well, another important aspect of wide format printing is that they are being designed to provide a lasting impression. You might be wondering how? Well, the material that is used in wide format prints is water-resistant, so it can not be affected by the water content/ moisture in the air or rain. Moreover, the prints are of the highest quality which protects the designs from fading even when they are exposed to sunlight most of the time.


Wide-format prints are not only beneficial for big business houses and corporate companies, but also for the small industries. They are considered the best marketing products as they have the potential to cater to a large audience in the digital era. The best thing about wide format prints is that they are cost-effective and provide a wide variety of versatile designs and alternatives.

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