6 Easy Steps to Save Money on Custom Picture Frames

6 Easy Steps to Save Money on Custom Picture Frames

There comes a time when you wish to make your own picture frame either for money savings or for the want of a custom frame that needs to come up to desired expectations. Such a move will see the light of the day when you set out on making your own custom frame. If you were under the impression that making a custom frame yourself would require innate skills, you couldn’t be further away from the truth.

There are some specific ways to construct a custom picture frame and let me show you how:

Curate Old Artwork:

Firstly, get your hands on a vintage framed photograph and remove the photograph from the frame. The vintage frame can be located at your local thrift store or flea market. You can buy this old frame for as little as $5. The vintage frame hunt will strike gold as you will see the amount of vintage photographs that you come across.

Prepare Artwork:

Once you get your hands on an old picture frame, remove the dust cover at the back of the frame either with an exacto knife to slice around the edges and discard it. Now carefully undo the clips at the four corners of the frame that secures the artwork in place and slowly slide the artwork and glass out from the frame. Clean the glass with a glass cleaner and remove fingerprint smudges, if any.

Basic Artwork necessities:

First you employ alternative forms of mat board and go with a strict white mat board or better still, you can look for a glaze paper or recycled vintage papers or swathes of thick fabrics that can append mat and photography together. Use caution to check all mat supplied are free from acid. Cut your matting supplies to the desired picture frame. If the frame was sans a glass, order a glass and have it cut to the required dimensions.

Present your picture for framing:

If you don’t want to go along with a mat board then you can place your photos in between two glasses of the same size. This technique is favorable when you have cut more than one small photograph to place in one frame. Use double-sided tape in the corners and see that they are acid-free. This way the pictures stay secure and fasten the glasses at the points.

Employ sand papers on your frame:

If you find a picture at a store which is of low quality, just sand it. Use a sandpaper to smoothen the rough edges of the frame and get a chic look. Sometimes you may not like a matte finish, then just go along with the wood as it is which also looks good.

DIY a true mat board:

With an exacto knife, a hand-held matt cutter and T-Square Ruler, you can move forward with placing the matt board with your artwork fixed onto it and behind the glass, If you are wary about placing the artwork onto the matboard. Fasten your art with an acid-free foam core and secure it at points by bending the points backwards.

Thus, this was a DIY tutorial to frame a picture all by yourself and with the difficult part behind you, now you can place or hang your framed art on the wall. Some esteemed artworks have to be best left to professionals. They are painting on thick canvases, fabrics or clothing that is way out of your league.

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