6 Great Ideas for an Acrylic Box Display

6 Great Ideas For Acrylic Box Display

Whether for storage or display, the use of acrylic box displays has become popular. They have taken over glass displays due to the several advantages that they come with. To begin with, they tend to be clearer than glass without any tints making them an ideal choice for display. They are also strong and resistant to breakage making them a safer choice for the storage and protection of items. This and more should motivate you to go for an acrylic box display. If you decide to do so, here are some ideas that you could adopt for the same.

Acrylic Box Display with a Lid

A great idea for an acrylic box display is one with a removable lid or cover. These are ideal if you want to keep your items enclosed and safe yet, accessible. It is also a great storage option while still making a beautiful display. Different types of lids could come with an acrylic box display and the one you choose should serve the intended purpose. You could have a hinged lid with a lock for a ballot box or a suggestion box. Acrylic display boxes with a sliding or lift-off lid are also an option suitable for storage or organization either at home or in the office. You could also get a custom acrylic box with a lid to store items such as candy in a store.

Acrylic Box Display with a Base

Acrylic box displays with a base are great for giving displayed items a pretty contrast and add some detail to a plain box. While at it, they also give them an elevation. An acrylic box display could have various kinds of bases depending on the appearance that one is going for. A wooden base will contribute to the classic look of vintage items. A plain white or black will give the box a more contemporary look. Either way, it should go well with the item that you are displaying as well as the surroundings. This type of acrylic box is great for displaying items in a store or storing collectibles and memorabilia.

Mirrored Acrylic Box Display

A mirrored acrylic box display is an interesting way to add an extra touch to your display. You can use it in a store as a pedestal to place your items. You may also place it next to an item that you would like to draw attention to. The reflection from the mirror will make it appear as multiple items. Mirrored acrylic box displays can also be decorative pieces on their own. They are an elegant way to add some dimension and luster to your office, home, store, etc.

Wall Mounted Acrylic Box Display

You can also have your acrylic box display mounted on the wall. They are a great way of displaying valued items in a store. This will set them apart from the rest making it easier for customers to take notice of them. They can also be used as a way to decorate interiors. Place sculptures, collectibles, precious stones, or any other decorative items to make a stunning wall piece and add some elegance to your space.

Printed Acrylic Boxes

A custom acrylic box that has been imprinted on is also a great idea. They can be printed on with words, graphics, patterns, images, etc. This provides an opportunity for brand promotion. For this, you may have it customized with the company logo, slogan, or information, and place it in the office or store. For personal use, you may personalize it with your name or something meaningful. You may also have it customized for decorative purposes.

Colored Acrylic Boxes

Acrylic is a clear material that makes it suitable for display boxes. You can however still get acrylic boxes that are colored. This type of acrylic box displays can either be opaque or translucent. Opaque colors are great as pedestal box displays for decoration or displaying items at a store. Translucent ones can make organization easier through color-coding. Here, you can use similar colors to store related items. The color of your acrylic box displays should go with the color palette of the room.

Acrylic box displays are a great choice for display, decoration, and storage of items. They are versatile and can adopt different styles. As you pick a design for your acrylic box display, make sure it matches the item that you are displaying as well as the surrounding décor.

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