7 Reasons Your Business Needs Wide Format Printing

7 Reasons Your Business Needs Wide Format Printing

Contrary to some beliefs, printing is not dead. It is alive and thriving. For businesses to print media like banners and posters in large forms, they will need a wide-format printer. The process of printing using a wide-format printer is what we refer to as wide-format printing. In other words, wide-format printing is a method of printing that allows businesses to print media in large forms, including posters and banners.

Originally, wide-format printing was considered of use only to industrial workplaces. But in recent times, its usage has spread to many other industries too. Firms such as advertising companies would benefit from wide-format printing as it will allow them to print with low initial cost and at the same time, achieve effective results.

Wide-format printing might be just what you need to take your business to the next level. If you’ve ever considered wide-format printing for your business but don’t know how it will benefit it, read on. We will be discussing in this guide the benefits of wide-format printing for your business. Before we go on to look at these benefits or reasons why your business needs wide-format printing, let us get to know what a wide-format printer is.
What Is A Wide-Format Printer?

Printers that use a maximum print roll between 18 to 100 inches wide are known as wide-format printers. If the print roll is over that range, such printers are not considered wide-format printers. They are considered super wide or grand format printers. All wide-format devices are inkjet printers.

Types Of Wide-Format Printing

The major types of wide-format printing are:

1. Large Indoor Printing:

Examples of large indoor printing include wall graphics and posters that welcome people to an event, retail store, or company. This kind of printings can transform a boring blank wall in your office into an area that welcomes customers, tells the story of your company, guides customers to products or services you offer, etc. Large indoor prints help create signs that promote an event and they also guide people once they arrive at the event.

2. Outdoor Printing:

Some common examples of outdoor printing are flags, banners, and billboards that catch the attention of customers and brand a business through a marketing slogan or a logo. Outdoor printing is a durable form of wide-format printing as the materials must be able to withstand any kind of element (rain, sun, etc.) daily without losing their eye-catching design.

Reasons Your Business Needs wide-format Printing/Printer

With wide-format printers, you can create beautiful and visually appealing images of different sizes. Compared to traditional desk printers, wide-format printers are more durable and powerful. You should certainly consider wide-format printers for your business. Below are 7 ways they can benefit your business.

1. Wide-format printer allows you to create high-quality images for marketing your business

With a wide-format printer, you can create high-quality images that will help you in marketing your business. For example, when you have trade shows or expos, you can use wide-format printers to create posters for your booth. If you want to market new products or for new launches, you can use a wide-format printer to print advertising materials like pamphlets, brochures, or flyers to enable you to spread the word on what you want to do. A wide-format printer allows you to print these advertising materials yourself instead of ordering and then waiting for them to arrive.

2. Wide-format printers allow you to create vehicle graphics for branding your company car

There are many benefits to branding your company car. Some of these benefits are: commanding attention on the road, spreading your company’s brand and message, giving the vehicle a professional look, and in turn, making it easy for customers to recognize your brand whenever they see the company vehicle. If your business involves you visiting clients or doing delivery services, it is a good idea for you to own and brand your vehicle. With a wide-format printer, you can create the vehicle graphics for branding your car.

3. Wide-format printer allows you to print on almost any material

A wide-format printer allows you to print on almost any material. This is good news for your business, as you can print on whatever material you think is the best choice. You can use a wide-format printer to print on wood, vinyl, fabric, coated metal, foam, PVC, wallpaper, etc. As part of your business marketing strategy, you can brand clothes (t-shirts, sweaters, etc.) and give them out as prizes or gifts to your customers. With a wide-format printer, you can print on these clothing items yourself rather than giving them out

4. Wide-format printing results in a faster turnaround time for your business

If your business requires you to print a lot of materials and to do so quickly, a wide-format printer is what you need. A regular desk printer can do occasional printing jobs, but if you want faster printing and a higher printing volume, then you should consider wide-format printing. Wide-format printers have a long lifespan and they also have the capability to print out materials constantly.

5. Wide-format printing gives your business increased security and confidentiality

A wide-format printer can help you increase the security and confidentiality levels of your business. When you have a wide-format printer, you’ll be able to do your printings in-house and so, confidential documents and data of your business are kept safe. Although not all your business information is confidential, there are those that you’ll need to protect if you want to be successful; a wide-format printer will help you do just that.

6. Wide-format printer helps you save money

If you have a wide-format printer for your business, it will help you save money as there will be no need to outsource your printing duties. Since you can do the printings in-house, you will be saving a good amount of money you would have otherwise spent when you outsource the jobs. Most times, a third party you outsourced to charges you a significantly higher amount than what your expenses would be if you print on your own.

7. Wide-format printing affords you convenience

With wide-format printing, you can do your printings anytime you want. Depending on the complexity of what you want to print, you can get it within a few seconds or minutes. This is more convenient for you when you compare it with having to outsource printing jobs and then waiting to receive the prints.


There you have it – the reasons why you need wide-format printer/printing for your business. If your business requires large prints, then don’t hesitate to get a wide-format printer. They will enable you to create engaging materials for your clients and consumers. The result will be a finished product that will help create better brand awareness, enhance the visibility of your products and services, and increase sales.

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