7 Unspoken Rules To Hang Framed Pictures

7 Unspoken Rules To Hang Framed Pictures

There are quite a lot of things that people do not know, yet we assume that they do. This is not as a result of the complexity of the process; it is rather that they do not know what exactly to do. This also applies to how we hang framed pictures. Home decoration without a properly hanged frame is boring. It becomes more boring if the walls are blank.

You can personalize the blank walls in your home by hanging paintings, photographs, and prints. You can display any of these pieces to match the vibe you are trying to create in each room. However, the walls of your home can end up being bare for a long time because you do not know the proper way to put up a framed picture.

So to assist you to create a beautifully organized wall decorated with frames, this guide will put you through the process of finally getting that piece up on your empty wall. You may already be familiar with some of these rules, and others may entirely be new to you. Here are 7 unspoken rules to guide you on how to hang framed pictures the right way.

1. Prioritize The Framing Process

Prioritize The Framing Process

The first thing you need to choose is the style of the frame. The frame’s style is dependent on the look you want. It also depends on the kind of interior design you already have. It will relatively be easy to choose a frame style if you already gravitate towards any interior design style such as Mid-Century Modern, Contemporary, or Modern Farmhouse. You will find a variety of frame styles that best suits any of the designs stated above.

The location where the art will be put up is the second thing you should consider. Alongside this, how you will arrange the frames if there are more than one should be your third consideration.

2. Mat Is Not Needed For All Pieces Of Art

Yes, not all framed art needs matting. It is true that good matting enhances a photo or painting as well as making smaller works stand apart. However, this is not the same in all situations. For instance, a mat is not needed when framing concert or movie posters because of their large physical presence. Also, you can do without a mat with artworks and watercolors that are on textured paper.

Generally, the matting is situational. Go through all the available options so you can the perfect picture frame to hang.

3. Mix And Match Frames

One mistake that people make is thinking that all their framed works of art must match. Sometimes you can match frames, but you can easily spice things up a bit by mixing them. However, try to make the frames look as coherent as possible. You can choose such frames that complement each other.

Another unspoken but great idea is mixing metal and wood frames. A metal frame exudes a more modern feel, while wood frames are more traditional. Both frames can be displayed in the same room.
However, you should try to unify them through their texture and colors.

4. Symmetry Not Always Required

If the photos or paintings you wish to display on the wall are in a group, go with the usual symmetrical design. Symmetrical designs help to balance the energy in the design space. For example, a group of frames that are of the same size can be placed in a grid format. Nine picture frames may be placed three-by-three and spaced evenly.

On the other hand, you can create a more relaxed and casual look using an odd number of picture frames. An example of asymmetry is seven picture frames of different sizes arranged systematically. Be it a symmetrical or asymmetrical design, you should go for what works best for you.

5. Venture Into Unexpected Places

There are some spaces known to be the default spot for hanging framed pictures in a home. Such places are like the wall at the back of the sofa, above the bed, and the wall above the mantel is more obvious. However, it is fun to venture into some unexpected and overlooked spaces in your home. For instance, your closet or space where you get dressed every morning is an unexpected spot you can hang a framed picture on. Looking at an inspirational piece of art is a good way to start the day.

The idea of putting up frames in unexpected places is to bring an element of surprise to the design of your home. Some other unexpected places to hang a framed picture in your home may be at the bottom or top of the stairwell, the end of a hallway which is quite long, inside of a stairwell, and the bathrooms. A metal frame is best suited for the bathroom, a place of changing temperature and high humidity.

6. Put Into Consideration The Spacing Between Frames

Put Into Consideration The Spacing Between Frames

In hanging grouped frame pictures, you can place them several feet apart or as close together as 1/32 inch. For rooms that are tiny or ones with giant walls, wide-spaced and very tight groupings will work just fine. The standard spacing between frames is usually between two to four inches. Six inches is the maximum so that the viewer does not lose focus of the artworks on display.

7. Straighten Up

Crooked picture frames that are on the walls are not pleasing to look at. Many people often ignore tilted pictures which may be caused because of the hook used to put them up. To ensure that the framed picture you hang on the wall is kept straightened up, make use of two hooks to hang it rather than one.


There you have it, seven unspoken rules on how to hang framed pictures properly. Being conscious of these will ensure the framed picture you use in decorating your home remains perfect. Always remember to find the right strategy for your piece, match and mix your framed pieces for a more coherent look. Do not be too symmetrical, and also hang arts in unexpected but interesting places. Following these unspoken rules can be quite refreshing.

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