An Ultimate Guide to Custom Framing

An Ultimate Guide to Custom Framing

Custom frames are great for displaying your pictures or artworks. They offer benefits that you may not get from prefabricated frames. These benefits include complementing your art or picture’s design, accommodating any dimension, adding a personal touch to your art or picture, preserving your pictures or artworks, and keeping them looking their best for many years, etc. If you intend to decorate your wall, framing your pictures and artworks with custom frames may be a good option for you.

Framing with custom frames has several benefits as we have mentioned already. Despite many benefits of framing pictures or artworks using custom frames, some people are in the dark about how to go about it. They don’t understand how custom framing works, how they can prepare their photos or artworks for custom framing, and how they can select the right custom frame. If you desire to custom frame those photos and artworks that are precious to you but don’t know how to do so, make sure you stay with us till the end of this guide. In this guide, we will be giving you detailed information on custom framing. Things we will be considering include how you can identify a professional frame shop, how you can select the right frames for your arts or photos, and different types of frames.

Custom Framing Your Photos or Artworks

A photo or artwork you select for framing should be a high-quality one. Select the photo or artwork you want to get framed but make sure it’s a high-quality one. Custom framing a poor quality photo or artwork will do very little to improve the aesthetic appeal of the photo or artwork. So, make sure that the photo or artwork you want to custom frame is a high-quality one.

After you must have selected the desired photo or artwork you want to get framed, the next thing you need to consider is where you can get professional framing services. Many shops claim to offer good custom framing services, but most of these shops end up delivering poor-quality results. In order for you not to fall victim to a frame shop that promises too much but delivers very little, we’ve put together some features you must look out for in the frame shop you’ll be going for. These features are what differentiates a professional frame shop from those that flatter to deceive. The features you should consider in a shop where you want to get your photos or artworks custom-framed are:

1. Experience

A good shop to have your pictures or artworks custom framed is one that has been in the business for a good number of years. The skill of custom framing takes time to perfect and so, you must find a shop that has the needed wealth of experience to deliver you high-quality services.

2. Design Quality/Credibility

Another thing you must consider in a shop from where you want to get your photos or artworks custom framed is the design quality and credibility of that shop. What impression do you get when you step into the shop? Are the designs which are on display of a high-quality? Do the frames match? Do they offer a variety of frame designs? These are just a few questions you can ask before deciding whether to purchase your frames at that shop or not.

3. Custom Frame Designers

Make sure you observe the frame shop to find out if they have quality custom frame designers. A good custom frame designer listens, is interactive, and is well-equipped to suggest styles and colors that will perfectly fit your photo or artwork.

4. Customer Service

The staff or customer service of the shop, where you want to custom frame your art or photos, is another thing you must pay attention to. How well do the staff treat the projects of their clients? Do they attend to their clients with respect and dignity? Observe these things before deciding on getting your project framed at that shop.

5. Timeliness and Professionalism

Consider how the shop gets its work done before submitting your project to them. Are they professional in the way they handle jobs? Do they get jobs completed on time? Will they outsource your job or do it themselves? If the shop does not handle projects with professionalism and get the jobs completed on time, try another shop.

6. Cost

Lastly, what you should consider in a shop where you want to get your art or photos custom framed is cost. Does the frame shop offer budget-friendly prices? Do they offer a great range of pricing options? If you sense the shop is overcharging for their services, consider another shop. However, don’t trade quality service for low charges.

Choosing the Right Custom Frame for Your Art or Photos

Although a professional frame shop can help you in selecting the perfect custom frame for your art or photos, it’s still important that you know how to do it yourself. Some important questions you should consider when selecting frames for your art or photos are given below.

1. Does the frame fit the art or photo

The design of the frame should be such that it fits the photo or art, which you want to frame. The frame should amplify the visual impact of the photo or art and consequently increase its aesthetic appeal.

2. Does the frame complement your surrounding décor?

The frame you select should be one that complements your surrounding décor. It should not overwhelm the rest of the room where it will be hung, rather it should match the painting and existing color scheme of the room.

3. Does the frame do a good job of preserving the photo or artwork?

A good custom frame does not only increase the aesthetic appeal of a piece; it also gives protection to it. Ensure you find out the materials that are to be used in making the frame. Only select archival, acid-free mat frames. Such frames do not stain, damage, degrade or cause deterioration to your art or photo over time.

Types of Frames

There are numerous frame choices and this makes it sometimes tricky to select the right frame for your piece. The most popular frame types are the classic gallery frames, rustic wooden frames, earthy frames, and metallic polished frames. With the help of a professional custom frame designer, you should be able to get a frame that will suit your picture or artwork.


We have presented to you in this guide useful information on custom framing. We hope the information provided will help you take action in getting those precious photos and artworks custom framed.

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