An Ultimate Guide To Customize Your Picture Frame

An Ultimate Guide To Customize Your Picture Frame

If you have to choose a lasting picture-framing system, then customizing your picture frame is the key. There will be many frames with varying styles and designs that can match your photo or artwork, but customizing your frame will add a boost of uniqueness to the piece.

When customizing your photo frames, there are choices you can opt for such as the use of archival matt boards, acid-free frames, and good glazing materials.

Aside from these, you can have the design and color of your choice, and you can certainly opt for the best framing materials that can block damages caused by ultraviolet rays. In this post, are guides you can follow to customize your picture frame.

Step 1: Select The Best Photos

Select The Best Photos

The first thing to consider before customizing your picture frame is the picture that will be placed in the frame. It has to be a detailed image with high resolution. A high-quality picture will look adorable in a custom frame.

Also, a well-detailed photo will add sharpness to your entire piece thereby, accentuating it and giving you a better framing result. Whether the photo you want to use is black and white or a mixture of vibrant colors, it must have a high pixel rate.

Step 2: Go For The Most Contemporary Design Of Frames

Go For The Most Contemporary Design Of Frames

Frames that are made out of plain materials are very classy for wall galleries. They can be plain black or white frames, and they are great choices for modern artworks or photo prints. These types of frames are simple, and they add elegance to plain walls. They look neat when carefully arranged on the wall, and they can be suitable for any gallery wall. They look attractive in your bedroom, office, and living room.

Your highly detailed black and white photo or colorful photo print will both look enchanting when matched with these simple and classy modern frame styles. You can also customize your picture frames using rustic woods. These wooden frames are modern and stylish, and they have complimenting features for both colored and black and white photos.

These frames can be customized for colored paintings, especially paintings with pronounced colors like bright orange and yellow or soft colors like mild sea blue. These frames can elevate all types of interior decor. Earthy Frames cannot be left out when customizing your picture frames. They may look a little weathered or rustic at the edges. However, these features enhance their elegance.

These types of frames are adorable for art prints like nature photos, collages of diverse color pallets, and landscape prints. They make the entire piece alluring to the eyes.

For any formal yet elegant look, you can customize your personalized picture frames using metallic polished frames. Metallic polished frames look stylish for framing family portraits. You can even go ahead and consider this as a choice for framing your diploma using this frame.

For an artistic and elegant look with a mix of classic and formal results, metallic frames, whether they are coated with gold or silver color, are suitable if you want to boost the appearance of your home with extra contrast.

Step 3: Add Mats To Your Custom Piece

Mats are special, and when considering customizing your picture frame, you should have them in mind. A mat is important for highlighting photos and artworks. This is because it separates the photo from the frame and makes the photo stand out.

Sometimes, mats may not be necessary depending on the type of piece you are framing, but when framing paper works like some drawings and photographs, adding mats will give the work an extra uniqueness.

Also, for glassworks, when you use mats, the mats help in the physical separation of the glass and the photo in it by preventing them from coming in contact with each other.

When using mats, they should be free of acid. Avoid the use of some paper mats as they can be acidic and can damage your photo over time. However, there are a few non-acidic paper mats that you can opt for.

Acidic paper mats are made with materials containing wood pulp. There is an acidic element in the pulp known as lignin, which causes a brownish or yellowish stain on your photo over time. If your photo is long-lasting and maintains its real color, then the mat is non-acidic.

If you are going to replace a photo or an art piece regularly, then you can use these decorative mats. They are not pricey, and you can easily tell a good mat by the price sometimes.

The best mat to use for your custom frame is a regular mat board. This type of mat, although made of wood pulp materials, has been acid-neutralized. You can use these acid-free mats and not worry about water damages to your photo.

Regular matboards are long-lasting for about ten decades or more, and they are more expensive than the normal acidic mat boards. To save your photo for as long as you want, add this to your custom framing, and be rest assured.

Step 4: Be As Creative as You Can

Be creative when customizing your personalized picture frame. You can make a large board in your room and customize your favorite memories in a large frame. It could be photos of your family members, your friends, or your children. These people are important to you, and you want to keep them close.


Custom frames are simply the most outstanding option when framing your photo or artwork. They are suitable for all types of works according to their size and dimension.

You do not have to settle for anything, be creative and look out for the best frames that can accentuate your photo and change the entirety of your home by giving it a magnificent touch.

When customizing your personalized picture frames, you must have the perfect picture for the project, your frame must be top-notch, and you should not forget your mat boards. All these will come together and give your creativity a boost.

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