Beautify Your Living Room With Minimal Art And Framing.

Beautify Your Living Room With Minimal Art And Framing

The way in which you choose to decorate the interior of your home should communicate who you are as a person. Hence, if you like to keep things simple, do not be afraid to give your home that minimalistic touch. This should also apply as you pick out your wall art and the frames to go with them. Minimal art and framing will not only help you to keep things light but will also add that contemporary feel and make your space feel more intentional. The following are some of the ways that you can use minimal art and framing to beautify your living room.

Monochromatic Art

If you are looking for minimal art for your living room, then you can never go wrong with monochromatic pieces. These can be black and white photographs or portraits. It could also be art that includes a black, white, or grey pallet. Line art is a good example of monochromatic art.

Monochromatic art will go well with a simple black frame, giving the ultimate contemporary look. A white frame will also look neat and well put together. You can also use metallic frames to brighten up the piece a bit. Include a white mat to give the art a beautiful contrast.

Abstract Art

Abstract art pieces range from very bold pieces to very simple ones. This will mostly depend on the colors used on the pieces as well as the level of detail. It is therefore possible for you to find minimalistic abstract art for you to beautify your living room with. Just be sure to look out for ones with more neutral colors and simple lines, shapes, and forms. Abstract art will add some dimension to your living room. It will also have it bursting with creativity.

Table Top Frames

Tabletop frames are also a great option when you want to add pieces to your living room décor without overdoing it. The good thing with this is that you have plenty of options as tabletop frames are unlikely to feel exaggerated. You can have acrylic tabletop frames that will give you that modern elegance. Metallic ones are also an option, to give a sleek look. You can also get wooden frames to add some warmth to our living room.

Tabletop frames are a great way for making your space feel intimate. As such, you can use them to frame personal items such as a wedding or family photos. Due to their small size, you can have one or several and still maintain a minimalistic look. You can place them anywhere in your living room from a stool, the TV stand, coffee table or layered on a display shelve, etc.


To keep the look simple, you can also go frameless. This is especially if you already have a dashing piece and you do not want to accentuate it further with a frame. Framing it using the frameless style will help to tone it down. The floating effect created by the piece will also add light and easy touch to your living room. One large piece will do for this. This will create a focal point for the room while still maintaining the minimalism. However, you can still have more than one piece, but, in smaller sizes. You can give these pieces a bit of color while keeping the rest of the décor simple and neutral.

A simple Gallery Wall

The thought of a gallery wall seems like a lot. However, a gallery wall does not necessarily have to be over the top. You can decide to keep it simple to achieve a minimalistic type of a gallery wall. An easy way to do this is by keeping your artwork and photographs monochromatic. You can then combine these with simple black frames or mix both black and white ones.

Using a similar style for the frames will help to keep things simple. A collage frame is great for a uniform look. You can as well go for a grid of frameless pieces. However, do not be afraid to style the gallery wall up a bit with different sizes as long as a balance is maintained.


A minimalist décor does not translate to a boring décor. There are many ways in which you can use minimal art and frame to keep things in the living room simple, yet interesting. Above are some of the ideas that you can borrow from.

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