Beautifying your Office with Corporate Art and Framing

Beautify your Office with Corporate Art and Framing

Have you looked around your office at a point in time and felt like something is missing or something is out of place? If you have ever felt so, it may be that your office lacks some form of beautification. Visitors in your office form opinion about you and your services in the first few seconds, by observing the office. A well-furnished office gives them a good impression about you and a badly furnished office gives them a bad impression.

One of the ways you can communicate a good message to your visitors is by beautifying your office with corporate art and framing. Doing this will present you before them as someone who loves beauty and excellence.

In art decorations, the framing is as important as the art itself. If you have good artwork and the frames are less than appropriate, it can cast doubt upon the pleasing impression you intend to give. Framing will help you to establish a specific vibe and create a finished look that people will appreciate. With good corporate art and framing, your office will exude the elegance, quality, class, and sophistication that describe how you feel about it. Simply put, an artwork that is well expressed along with proper framing is a simple way to make the right impression. A well-decorated office with appropriate artwork gives you more inspiration to do your best work, encourages creativity, and enhances productivity. It also gives your visitors, clients, and colleagues a glimpse of what you stand for.

Reasons You Should Decorate Your Office with Corporate Art and Framing

The way you organize your office sets the general atmosphere of the environment you’re creating and it affects people entering your office. You want people, mostly clients, visitors, and employees to feel comfortable around your place of work. You can use corporate arts and framings to establish this distinctive aura, warmness, and professionalism. Here are some reasons why you should beautiful your office with corporate arts and framing:

1. Art Communicates with Clients

These days, a lot of companies purchase art as a part of their public relations strategies. Since most corporate interiors appear the same, artworks on the walls are used to distinguish companies from the competition. Also, having corporate artwork on-site can reflect the success of your company to clients in an unspoken way. A visually appealing artwork can start an interesting conversation and show your clients that you have good taste and value. Subscribing to classic and trendy artworks would convince clients that you are a dynamic company that follows trends. Artworks you use in beautifying your office should cause no controversy. Keep them simple, modern, ethical, and sophisticated up to a level that your clients will be excited about and impressed by.

2. Art Raises Motivation and Productivity of Employees

In recent times, corporate arts have been more purposeful than earlier perceived. People draw emotions from artworks that make sense to them. Art possession has become an essential part of office value. Rather than decorating your office with artworks that will only impress the clients, you should also invest in art that will be motivating, inspiring, and uplifting for your employees. Amazing corporate art and framings help companies attract new talents and it works towards a high level of staff retention. Also, in times like this when everybody wants to work remotely, a great piece of art around the office space might be just what you need to keep employees excited about coming to work every single day. Frequently changing the artwork’s tone will keep your office fresh and trendy. It will also help your employees to stay motivated, encouraged, and happy.

3. Art Communicates the Company’s Culture

Corporate arts are meant to be unique. People tend to make a direct association between an organization’s artwork and its activities, products, services, and image. When you buy artworks, you are providing important support for living artists in your community, which often gives the impression that you care not just for yourself, but for others too. In return, these artworks will help your company establish better relationships with clients, improve the productivity and motivation of your employees, and in great measures enhance the image of your brand. Often, arts are meant to improve the quality of the lives of your clients and employees. Corporate art can help your staff to view their work from a different perspective, promote creativity, and introduce a human element into the culture of your company which most people can relate with.

4. Art Instills a Culture of Creativity

Art helps boost creativity among your employees. When you have artworks hanged up in your office, it revitalizes your employees and enhances their creative abilities. Also, these arts hanged up in the office can serve as a standard of creativity and innovation your workers should aim for.

5. Art Provides Networking Opportunities

A lot of business deals these days revolve around connections and the people you know. Thankfully, the art world is packed with many important individuals who may have connections that could benefit your company. By beautifying your office with artworks, you may develop a relationship with a customer who is also passionate about art. From this one relationship may arise several networking opportunities.

Corporate Art and Frames: Beautifying Tips

In an office, the decor should be all about what makes you feel comfortable, productive, and inspired. After all, the appropriate tone in your office can only be set by you.

Frames are as important as the art. They help you preserve the unique artwork being displayed. Frames should be complementary to the art displayed, not random. Choosing the appropriate frame for an artwork is a personal decision as frame choices are numerous. Only choose a frame that will enhance the quality of an image.

There are many creative ways of using frames to beautify your office. Some of these creative ways are discussed below.

The Grid Pattern

The grid pattern involves you displaying your photos or framed artwork in a series of rows and columns. This method of framing creates a bigger visual impact. It is also a great way of showcasing pieces with a similar subject matter or by the same artist. The grid pattern of framing is most suitable for smaller or medium-sized frames.

Statement Styling

Statement styling involves hanging an oversized framed art (statement piece) by itself on the wall. This method of styling your office is preferable if you are renting the office or cannot make permanent design changes to it.

The Line-Up Method

This method of framing allows you to line an even or odd number of frames either vertically or horizontally. The frames do not all have to be of the same size. All you need do is to line them all by the bottom edge or top of the frame. You can also center them to create a stack. The line-up method is perfect where you have a little less space to work with.

Other tips and tricks for styling your office using frames include:

  • Leave 2-3” of wall-space between each frame.
  • Frames should be hanged at eye-level or just above, most especially when you are hanging just a couple.
  • Don’t overcrowd your office wall with frames. It could make it feel smaller.
  • Use lighter colored frames or a mixture of lighter frames and darker ones. It will help you feel more space around your workspace.
  • If you intend to create a gallery wall in your office, only use one wall; leave the others fairly bare. This will help to ensure that your office doesn’t look too busy and will also create a focal point in the office.
  • Art shelves above your desk can also be used to put small decorative objects and framed artwork.


Arts and frames influence your clients and employees. Therefore, you need to beautify your office using them. In beautifying your office with corporate arts and frames, ensure you keep it simple and smart. Doing so will make your office accommodating and professional at the same time.

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