Benefits from Wide Format Printers

Benefits from Wide Format Printers

What is one sure shot way to attract a huge crowd? Big advertisements, right? And how do you advertise like that? With billboards & posters!

However, your standard printers can’t get this type of work done. So, what do you do? You take the help of the Paintbox Shop!

The graphics department at Paintbox Shop houses two large format printers that will cater to all your needs, be it billboard printing or poster printing.

The wide format printers at Paintbox Shop are capable of printing up to 3.2 meters(126 inches) wide! That means you can easily get billboard printing.

There are a lot of benefits that you can get from wide format printing, such as:

Make High-Impact Impression

The wide-format printing offers high-resolution images that are visible even from a distance. This increases brand recognition. These printers print at 600-1000 DPI making the banners or posters crystal clear.

You can get prints as wide as 3.2 meters or 126 inches! That is really huge if you want to give out information about your business, deals, and discounts to a large crowd of potential customers.

Also, the printers have a vast array of colors that will make your billboard printing, or any other printing, vivid. This gives you the opportunity to display your brand in the best possible way.

Long-Lasting & High Durability

One of the best advantages of printing through wide format printers is that you get a long-lasting print. That means they are able to withstand rather long than standard prints would.

And obviously, the billboards or posters you’ll get printed are meant to be displayed outside. So, it makes sense to use large format printing.

Wide Array Of Substrates

In today’s time, printing is not limited to papers or fabric but a trend has been observed of printing on different substrates like wood.

And what’s a better printer for getting the work done than wide format printers?! The wide format printers at Paintbox Shop are capable of printing on a lot of substrates including, but not limited to:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Sintra
  • Acrylic
  • Di-Bond
  • Roll To Roll
  • Foam Core, etc

This gives you the flexibility and creativity to explore more options and choose the substrate that best fits your needs.

High Productivity

Although wide format printing includes printing in meters, that does not stop the printers at Paintbox Shop to slow the process down.

Rather, the printers work at their highest-productivity at 60 boards per hour, each of which is 4ft x 8ft (1.4m x 2.8m).

Now that you know how beneficial wide format printing is, you can start planning your marketing/advertising strategy. And for any billboard printing or wide format printing, you can always reach out to Paintbox Shop.

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