Black and White Photo Framing Ideas

Black & White Photo Framing Ideas

Monochromatic looks never go out of style. The same applies when it comes to making a home’s interior look good. Black and white photos or framed art make great additions to a room’s decor. Therefore, when framed well, they can be exactly what you need to give a room that extra touch. Consisting of only two colors, they are simple enough to blend in with most decors and interior designs while still being bold enough to create a visual appeal. Here are some framing ideas to inspire your black and white photo framing choices.

Black Frame

This is among the most popular choices when it comes to the framing of black and white photos. It is the simplest and safest way to go about black and white photos or framed art while still providing desirable results. It also provides several materials to choose from including wood, metal, or even plastic.

A smooth black frame on a black and white photo is perfect for a modern house to give it that chic contemporary look. This will also go well with most interior designs. If you want your framed wall piece to stand out a little bit more, then you may consider consulting your picture framing shop for a personalized picture frame that is more embellished to your liking, while still maintaining the color.

White Frame

A white picture frame forms another great choice for your black and white photographs. This will result in simple framed wall pieces that will make a room appear lighter and add a mystical effect to it. It also makes a room visually appealing in a quiet and elegant way without commanding too much attention.

Black and white photos or framed art on a white frame are ideal for small rooms as they make them appear more spacious. They also bring about a sense of neatness in a room.

If you do not want your interior to feel too minimalistic, you may add pops of color to other areas or items in the room to complement the simplicity of the white frame.

White or Colorful Matting

A regular-sized black and white photo on its own may appear a bit dull. Giving it some contrast is a way to make it appear more lively. This is where the matting comes into play. Most people will go for a white matting which is a nice way to give the photo a pretty yet simple contrast.

For color lovers, this can seem a bit too plain. A black and white photo, however, does not mean that you have to miss out on color as there is still the matting to work with. You may go for subtle earthy tones for your matting or decide to go all-in with bright colors such as blue, yellow, and pink among others for a striking wall piece.

Extra Thick Frames

A great framing idea for black and white photos or framed art is to have them framed in very thick frames such that the frame appears to be larger than the pieces themselves. This works well with smaller frame sizes so that the size of the photo itself ends up being really small. Whether you are using a black or a white frame for this, this is an out of the box framing idea that will give a room a nice finish.

To make it more noticeable, you may do the same for a couple of photos and mount them together on the wall. Do a mix of black and white frames for this and place them in an interesting pattern.

Metallic Frames

Apart from the popular white or black frames, metallic frames also go well with black and white photos and framed art pieces. You may choose from various metallic colors such as gold, and burnt copper among others. The shiny color of metallic frames will be a great detail to add to an already simple black and white photo. It will be adding both brightness and color to the piece, ending up with an elegant design for your wall piece.

Black and white photos and framed art pieces are fairly easy and safe to work with as compared to the more colorful ones. Being monochromatic, they are able to go with almost any color scheme and interior design. Nonetheless, you have to pick a framing idea that will best suit your intended décor as well as your personal style to get the best results.

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