Buying Picture Frames Online: 7 Things You Should Consider

Buying Picture Frames Online_ 7 Things You Should Consider

A precious picture or a beautiful art piece is priceless. However, it can be challenging to display and take care of these keepsakes. Having just the right frame for your picture will optimally protect and emphasize the contents in it. The picture frame will ensure that your picture gets much-deserved recognition.

Even so, the task of buying a picture frame online can be daunting despite the options that are available to you. To get the perfect frame for your pictures, you need to consider few very important things. In this guide, you will find the top seven things you should consider when purchasing frames online.

1. What are you framing?

Having an answer to the question of “what are you framing” is the best place to begin. What you are framing should be a priority and the main thing to consider when buying picture frames online. The importance and purpose of why you are framing should as well be considered. If the picture is less important or trivial, you can buy a standard size frame as a temporary solution. However, if it is an irreplaceable piece, it is appropriate that you get a high-quality custom frame.

Another thing to consider is how thick the item that you are framing is. It could be that you are framing a thick piece of art, like a sports jersey or canvas, or a piece of art that is flat. For thicker items, a shadow box frame or canvas floater frame whose dimensions fit the item is best suited. A flat piece of art, on the other hand, can be taken to the framer to get the job done.

2. The style of your picture frame

When choosing the style of frame to make use of for any item, pay close attention to things like its color, thickness, profile, shape, and material. You must consider a frame style with details that suit the space around the picture and the picture itself. To highlight or complement the image, for instance, the color of the frame should feature in the piece of art.

Most quality frames are made from either metal or wood. Aluminum is used in producing metal frames, and they are lightweight and durable. They are minimalistic and are more modern in appearance. Wooden frames, on the other hand, have a more traditional appearance. They are great at adding flair and elegance to the piece of art.

3. The size of your art

The size of your art

When it comes to buying picture frames online, the size of the art matters. The maximum and minimum size of the items must be accurately measured so that it is well accommodated by the frame. When the dimensions are right and accurate, you can also get a ready-made frame that suits your need.

There are cases where you find it difficult to frame smaller artworks, you can add a mat to get past the limitation caused by the frame size. Also, matting will help add character, depth, and appeal to the artwork. When adding a mat board, it is recommended that one-quarter of an inch is allowed to overlap your piece. This way, the backing will not be exposed.

4. The best type of glazing or cover

The cover is essential to the frame because it allows you to see the art piece that is inside. Therefore, you must choose the right material. Typically, glass and acrylic are the two types of materials that are used to make covers. Glass is fragile, but it gives a more traditional look. It does not scratch easily but can break easily. Since it is prone to breaking easily, it should be handled with care.

On the other hand is acrylic, whose appearance is similar to glass. Unlike glass, acrylic is durable, lightweight, and does not break easily. For these reasons, it is fast becoming a popular choice for picture frame cover.

5. The best backing for the picture frame

The best backing for the picture frame

We know that the backing of your framed art will not be on display; however, it is also important in the framing process. The three types that are available to choose from are acrylic or glass, cardboard, foam board.

Sometimes, acrylic or glass is used as backing for a picture frame. When in use, it is in frames that are double-sided, and the piece of art is being floated.

Cardboard is a lightweight and strong material that may also be used for the backing. It is highly sought after, as its uses are many. Corrugated cardboard used to be a major component for frame backings, but its high acidity has made it less desirable. It is recommended that the component used in making the picture frame is acid-free so the piece can last long.

Foam board is the safest and most popular backing of them all. It is light in weight, easy to cut, and can be made to fit any frame size. Foam board comes in acid-free varieties. This quality is important so that the artwork is prevented from getting corroded.

6. Where to buy your picture frame online

Picture frames can be bought in your local area. However, this option can often be inconvenient, time-consuming, and costly. This is more obvious when you are far away from your local shop. Buying picture frames online offers more options and possibilities. It can also be a more convenient and affordable option.

7. How to hang your picture frame

Hanging your beautiful framed picture is next. To ensure that the piece does not slip and accidentally fall, make use of durable and strong hardware. You will get all the needed hardware when you buy any complete picture frame kit.

Having someone to help you choose where to hang the frame is also a good idea. This is to ensure that it is in line with all the other items on the wall.


Buying picture frames online can only be difficult and overwhelming when you do not have the proper information. The detailed information from what you are framing to how to hang your picture frame will enable you to make the best decisions on buying picture frames.

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