An Ultimate Guide to Custom Framing

An Ultimate Guide to Custom Framing

Custom frames are great for displaying your pictures or artworks. They offer benefits that you may not get from prefabricated frames. These benefits include complementing your art or picture’s design, accommodating any dimension, adding a personal touch to your art or picture, preserving your pictures or artworks, and keeping them looking their best for many years, etc. If you intend to decorate your wall, framing your pictures and artworks with custom frames may be a good option for you.

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Why Should You Choose Wood Frames for Your Artwork

Why Should You Choose Wood Frames for Your Artwork

To bring out the best in great artwork, you’ll be needing a great frame. Putting it another way, great artwork must be complemented with a great frame. For most artworks, if they are not framed or if they are poorly framed, they tend to lose some of their aesthetic appeals. You’ll need frames to enhance your artwork and make it stand out from among other images and decorations.

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Why Custom Frames Are the Best Way to Display Your Art

Everyone has paintings or photos they want to display in their homes. Whether it’s the photo of loved ones, or fine paintings and arts, custom framing is one effective way of adding aesthetics to them. By displaying your art with custom frames, you are not just preserving the art, you are also enhancing the artwork. Continue reading “Why Custom Frames Are the Best Way to Display Your Art”

Save Your Precious Memories In Classy Way With Custom Framing

Save Your Precious Memories In Classy Way With Custom Framing

Well, who doesn’t like to have perfect picture moments in life that they can frame in the house and decorate the living spaces? We have special moments in life such as graduation day ceremony, wedding, baby showers, achieving an award, playing for the Olympics, and whatnot. All these are some of the precious moments of our lives that we would like to preserve for life long. When you are framing the most cherished pictures in the custom picture frames, it will help in understanding the value behind the moments. You are not just decorating the walls and living spaces, but you will be able to relive the moments when you look at the photos.

One of the best ways to preserve these precious memories is to frame them in classy picture frames.

#1 You Can Choose A Personalised Wooden Picture Frame:

You Can Choose A Personalised Wooden Picture Frame

You can engrave the wooden custom frames with the names of beloved or mention the special date of the event on the sides of the frame. This will give a unique look to the wall on which it is hanged or the table on which it is placed. This is one of the most beautiful ways in which you can preserve and cherish your memories of the time you had the special moments of your life. When you engrave the names on the custom picture frames, you are giving a creative and stylish twist to your memories with the custom photo frames.

#2 You Can Create A Mini-Grid Gallery Wall Of Amazing Picture Frames:

If you have an empty wall in your house, then you can easily convert it into a gallery wall. You can use 6 acrylic picture frames and align them into a box format. This will help you to make judicious use of the empty wall and display precious memories in a classy way. When you are choosing the acrylic picture frames, ensure that the size of each frame is similar.

If you want to add drama to the living space, then mix and match different custom frames will memories of your travel trips.

#3 Displaying The First Drawing of Your Kids:

Displaying The First Drawing of Your Kids

You might be having a collection of the first cute drawings your kids made. So you can get them framed in an acrylic custom picture frame or make use of a floating frame. It will give a sleek and elegant look to your living space as well as make the viewers focus just on the drawings and not on the frame.

#4 Display The Heritage Artwork Into An Ornate Picture Frames:

Well, you are living in a joint family then you might be having some artifacts or artwork or vintage pictures that have been passing from generation to generation. So in order to keep them long-lasting, you can get them framed into an ornate picture frame. With this frame, you can provide a vintage look to the artwork or old artifact and also ensure that their quality remains intact even in the future.

#5 You Can Make The Right Use Of The Empty Staircase Wall:

You can make use of custom picture frames to decorate the empty staircase wall in a very organized way. You can get around 4 to 6 custom picture frames and hang them one below the other. It will give a dramatic look to the staircase area. Here you can display the picture of all the major life events such as your first day at school, then farewell, graduation day, wedding ceremonies, and various other important life events. It will show the different phases of your life and how it changes you.


Whatever type of custom picture frame you get for preserving your cherished memories, the one thing that you must keep in mind is the quality of the frame covering should be high. It should help in protecting the pictures in the frame from the dust and excessive sunlight .

Besides, you must ensure that the quality of the photos is kept well maintained for a longer period of time. For this, instead of glass frames, you can use acrylics. They will enhance the look of the photos and also guarantee that the images are well-protected. If you are looking for different types of custom picture frames, then you can visit the Paintboxshop website. Here you can explore a wide range of picture frames and choose the one that suits your personality.

Working From Home? Make Your Workspace Lively With Custom Framing

Working From Home_Make Your Workspace Lively With Custom Framing

Working from home in such a stressful condition as the present pandemic is really an onerous task. One finds the day to day work dull, boring, in addition, to be weary. So why not add a little color and creativity to your workspace where you spend the entire day working. Yes, it is about decorating your workplace to not just lighten your mood but also to make it representable. And what is a better way of decorating your space other than frames? Let’s explore how you can make intelligent use of custom framing!

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