What It Means To Float Your Artwork?

What It Means To Float Your Artwork

There are many techniques that can be used when it comes to framing. One of them is the float mounting method. This is an alternative to the traditional over-mat method where the art is placed below a mat with a window opening through which the art is viewed. With the float mounting method, the art is placed above the mat such that it appears to be floating. To help you understand exactly what it means to float your artwork, here is an overview of the different types of floating and the best use for the same.

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4 Tips for Float Mounting Artwork

4 Tips for Float Mounting Artwork

Do you want to learn more about float mounting artwork? Lots of people select to mount canvases, artwork on surfaced paper, or time-tattered documents, such old maps or handwritten letters. So as to they’re deferred above an intact mat board within Acrylic Picture Frames. This method is called float mounting. It generates a very specialized and outstanding exhibition that displays the unique quality of your piece once delivered in Personalized Picture Frames. The deferment always casts vivid shadows whereas also enabling artwork with basic or tattered edges to take limelight. Float mounting is particularly perfect for watercolor canvases. These are made on hard paper. And will not be scratched by mounting from the backside of the art.

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