Classic Giclee Printing For A Great Artwork

Classic Giclee Printing For A Great Artwork

Have you ever thought of having a piece of artwork or photograph done by a popular artist? Well if you did then you must have found out how difficult that might be, especially if you don’t have a deep enough pocket to finance the deal. That is where giclee printing comes in.

Giclee printing offers a lot of benefits to both artists and collectors. Apart from making the work available to a larger audience, the art is reprinted with a quality that matches the original piece and makes it possible for collectors to have very identical copies of a piece of art work.

Is this printing method any good?

Giclee printing is a popular method used by artists to reproduce identical copies of their art work. This reprinting is almost undisguised from an original work, this makes it possible for artists to have their artwork available to a larger population while preserving the original painting.

This printing method is favored by both professional artist and photographers worldwide and is suitable for creating identical of both photographs and illustrations in various colors or black and white. Not only that, you can make various custom modification to the reprinted artwork, modifications like changing the size without losing that original image resolution, look or feel.

How does Giclee printing differ from digital prints?

Digital printing is one of the most affordable method of reprinting but using this method will not guarantee the digital image will have 100% details found in the artwork or photograph no matter how powerful your scanner is, or that the quality, look or feel of the reprinted artwork will remain the same. Not only that, digital prints don’t last even half as long as the Giclee prints, chances are, the image will begin fading gradually over time. This faults and more makes using the digital printing method for reprinting artwork totally out of it for someone looking for quality and an exact duplicate of the original piece of artwork.

Doing your printing with us

Giclees printing can be done on a variety of surfaces, including canvas and paper, depending on what you want. No matter which surface you choose, you can be assured of only the best work because here at Explore Art and Framing Industry Of New York we work only with the finest art papers of different sizes to cover all your demands. Also, our giclee printing stands out as one of the best printing reproduction method in the industry. Our method of reprinting ensures that your printed work will never degrade, loose color or fade over time.

We can also offer giclee printing for different sizes of art work or photographs with this same method which ensures it comes out with high quality once we are completed.

So, if you want a reprinted artwork that won’t fade away over time or look a little different over time then classic giclee printing is the best solution to get your artwork duplicated and distributed to your audience.

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