Collage Frame Vs Single Frames — Which Is The Best?

Collage Frame Vs Single Frames — Which Is The Best_

Frames are designed for you to display beautiful memories on the wall while also protecting those memories. However, when you are looking at your gallery space, how you arrange the photos can either be appealing to the eye or look too busy and unacceptable.

Putting several memories in one piece of a frame can look great, especially if you have a limited area of hanging things in your home. You can simply collect several fun photo prints in one frame, and it will look great and conserve a lot of space.

Since your wall art is important to you, you may want to know which is the best between hanging several single photo frames on the wall and obtaining just a single frame to fit in as many photo prints as you want.

Reading further, you will find out the best option for displaying your photos. You can make your choice going for collage or single frames.

One Photo Piece Can Never be Enough — Collage Is the Best

Collage frames are the most trendy picture frames in modern home decors. You can easily collect highlights of events in one frame. It could be your wedding anniversary, your family’s summer vacation, a birthday, a personalized picture, and so on.

Collage woods are normally made using a firm glass and a sparkling polished wood frame. About five photos or more can be displayed in a collage frame, depending on the inches of the photo. It is usually a wall-only frame that is used.

Nowadays, you can commonly see collage picture frames on the gallery wall of many people around you. It is trendy; it looks appealing, and homes need such sophistication to look more inviting.

Collage Frames Versus Single Frames

Single frames look adorable on the wall; they can be specially mounted in a specific corner of the wall. You can even go as far as taking the whole staircase area for your single frames.

At the end of the day, although single frames are elegant, you end up taking more space just trying to hang a few single pieces. If you have a lot of gallery space, it can be great. Nevertheless, if you do not, you may want to reconsider.

On the other hand, collage picture frames are outstanding home decor trends. You can never go wrong using this option. You do not only showcase varieties of photos in one single frame; it creates an addition of a unique presence in your home.

It can be very pleasing to the eyes to walk into several photos of an event arranged all together in one frame. Everyone stops to admire. It is more like telling a story in one piece of the frame. Your wall also looks more stylish since collage on the wall is a great decoration option.

There are varying kinds of collage frames you can use to make the most of your small photos. These collage frames can be purchased from picture framing shops. When you pick the best collage frames, it enables you to decorate your wall in the best way.

Traditional Collage Frames:

Traditional Collage Frames

These frames are easy to use, and they are made with simple and conventional types of equipment. They are produced in different shapes. They are available in oval, rectangular, and squared shapes. They are not like modern collage frames that can only accommodate a few small photo prints.

With traditional collage frames, there is room for displaying more pictures since they are large. If you want your collage to look more alluring, you can complement it with the perfect theme color.

If you have photos that are too large you can resize them so that your traditional collage can carry many more appealing photos. You may also want to use single tapes to hold the photos firmly in the frame so that they don’t fall out over time.

Multi-Frame Photo Collage:

Multi-Frame Photo Collage

This type of collage frame is common, and used in many homes to display photos of events. Usually, you will agree that collage frames are styled in a way that seems like the photos showcased in them are a set of small frames.

However, multiple frame photo collages are a little different. The size of photos inserted In the multi-frame photo collage is different. Here, you can insert several sizes of photos. Nevertheless, the photo collage appears in various ways depending on the design and style of the frames.

Some frame styles you use to make the photos appear arranged side by side with one another. Some will make the photos more closely revealing to anyone staring right at it. You can always resize some photos to suit the spaces in your frame.

When using a single photo frame, it can be just the actual size. Your photo prints are made to fit your frame. When using collage photos, you are required to trim parts of your photo to fit into the large collage frames.

If you have a problem with trimming your small photo prints to fit your traditional photo collage and multi-frame photo collage, there are available options you can use when printing your photos so that you will not have to trim your photos later.

You can print your photo collages using online tools according to how you want them. You can determine your size before printing them out so that you may not have to trim them. For your photo collage to look flawless and detailed, you can always edit them in a photo lab.


If you have beautiful photos on your phone that look too appealing to just sit right there in your phone memory or computer, you can print them out and showcase them for everyone to see.

Single frames are perfect, but collage frames are the best pick if you want everything to be displayed. Collage photo frames are more eye-catching, and everyone will stop to look at them. Also, take collage frames like displaying a whole event in one single frame.

However, you must be aware of the trends when picking the best frame to display your small photos. You can add a lot of style and comfort to your home by simply being creative.

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