Custom Collage Framing: 5 Tips and Ideas

Custom Collage Framing 5 Tips and Ideas

A photo collage is the ultimate and a unique way of eternizing the memories, which are most important to you. Custom collage framing isn’t just the idea of presenting a picture in a better way, but it is the way of immortalizing the memory that came along with it. Notwithstanding, these days we prefer to keep our photos stored in memory cards and virtual walls. But, fun doesn’t lie in having pictures stored digitally or in our albums, in fact, it is in showcasing and displaying those memories.

Here are 5 useful tips and ideas for your custom collage framing-follow these and you will have a wonderful framed art for your living room to flaunt:

1. Select Vivid & Colorful Photos

Firstly, we understand that your sentiments are connected to your pictures, and will have great artistic merit too. However, for a beautiful custom collage it is mandate to choose pictures which are energetic and have vivid colors then your collage will come out to be beautiful and will look absolutely stunning on your wall. Make sure you use a wide range of colors and tones for best results.

2. Tailor The Number Of Photos To The Size Of The Collage

Secondly, it is very important that the number of photos should match with the size of the collage. For an instance; a smaller sized photo collage will look better with a smaller number of photos. You may use maybe 10 or 12 at the max, if you use 50 or 60 photos in a smaller size collage it will look cramped and highly unorganized. However, if you are going for a larger custom collage, here you have prerogative to use any number of pictures!

3. Tell Your Story With Your Custom Collage

Thirdly, custom collage is not only the way of preserving those memories, but also a great way to tell your story to the world. To make your story more captivating and inspiring, make sure you use a wide range of pictures from different times and in different places, this will create a dramatic visual impact on the viewer. For an instance; if you wish to narrate your child’s story through a collage, use photos that depict his development over the period. Simply be creative!

4. Choose The Right Style

Fourthly, while choosing the collage style make sure you choose the one which suits your requirement best. There are myriads of options available, the best you can do is visit a picture framing shop as they have professional consultants who can help you with the best custom collage frame ideas. Expert designers can create a beautiful collage for you, they will be able to help you narrate your story in a beautiful way.

5. Seek Advice From Professionals

Lastly, don’t miss taking advice from the expert designer. It is indispensable that you ask them about which photo collage style and the effects would suit you best. You never know when one may have a gem of an idea that might entice you.


Showcase your best pictures with a custom collage frame that is lucid, enchanting, and inspirational. Use your imagination and expert designer’s creativity to produce the most original and enticing photo collage story.

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