Decorate Your Bathroom With Hanging Artwork

Decorate Your Bathroom With Hanging ArtworkMost people think that living rooms and bedrooms are the best to decorate with picture frames but you can also decorate your bathroom. Yes, you read it right! Decorating the bathroom with some amazing artwork and pictures. Art doesn’t only have a place in the living room or bedroom. A well-decorated bathroom often features artwork to go along with its decor style. Decorating your bathroom with picture frames can create a sense of thoughtfulness and beauty, turning the bathroom from a purely functional space to somewhere you look forward to spending time.

Choose What Style You Wish To Have In Your Bathroom:

The artwork is available in a wide range of styles and aesthetics, so before you make a purchase, you must browse for bathroom art. You must consider the aesthetic appeal of the artwork that you would be using to decorate your bathroom. You can look for something that suits your modern space and provides a calming experience.

The Medium Of The Artwork:

Just like the living spaces and bedrooms, bathrooms are also subjected to sunlight and darkness. Along with that, they also endure steam. Therefore, your bathroom art should be able to withstand moist and humid environments. To enhance the look of your bathroom, you can use ceramic and glass plates or sculpture pieces as these are some of the most durable bathroom art choices. Generally, the art experts advise against exposing acrylic or oil paintings to humidity unless they’re sealed in glass. However, if your bathroom is well-ventilated by an exhaust fan or windows, you may be able to minimize humidity. If you’re considering hanging wallpaper in a master bath with a shower, think again: wallpaper is prone to peeling when exposed to humidity.

Choose a Focal Point To Hang The Artwork In Your Bathroom:

Your bathroom must use a portrait as a focal point to bring interest to an otherwise simple white room. You can hang the portrait on the side of the tub. It will act as a focal point and instantly attracts the eye and gives a sense of movement to space. If you are thinking to keep your bathroom more minimal, a single but substantial piece of art is a perfect choice. The advantage of using such an art piece is that it will not clutter the space and add value to the bathroom.

You Can Embrace The Minimalistic Look:

To make the bathroom look beautiful with picture frames, embrace the minimalist approach. To bring out the effect, you must have all the bathroom accessories and artwork in the same color palette and style. The theme is coastal, but the black-and-white art suits the rest of the minimalist bathroom. You can even arrange the prints thoughtfully to maintain a clean and simple look.

To Decorate The Bathroom You Use Soft Artwork For A Cozy Feel

To decorate your bathroom in a cozy way, you can choose a particular theme or a specific style so the artwork looks cohesive. For instance, you can choose to showcase architectural art in soft pencil drawings that bring together a cozy look.

You Must Not Hang Just Any Artwork In Your Bathroom

One of the biggest issues you might face while displaying art in your bathroom is humidity. The moisture content in the air inside your bathroom can get trapped under the glass—can seriously stain artwork and matting. So must select specific picture frames that do not damage the artwork inside it. You can choose a well-protected picture frame covering that will not let the moisture trapped inside the frames.


Some people might feel surprised to know that they can hang picture frames in the bathroom. But it is absolutely true. You can decorate your bathroom in a way that reflects your personality and unique sense of style. Picture frames are an affordable and easy way to do this. You can easily incorporate pops of color and soothing images inside the bathroom. You just need to exercise a little caution so that your picture frames (some of which may be made of wood) do not get wet too often. When placing it near water or a source of water such as a faucet or the bathtub, place enough distance between the water source and the frame to minimize water damage. In addition, be mindful of safety. It is best to replace the glazing with acrylic so that even if the frame falls; you don’t have to worry about clear, broken glass.

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