Discover How To Choose The Perfect Custom Frame For You

Discover How To Choose The Perfect Custom Frame For You

We frame our amazing pictures to preserve them as our most prized memories. It is not just about hanging pictures on the wall. You need to make a lot of decisions to choose the right custom picture frame. It should be able to enhance your priceless piece and complement the interior space as well. The experience can be really overwhelming.

Considering the important factors such as the texture of the frame, its color and material while selecting a perfect custom frame will be really helpful in making the right decision.

1. Choosing The Right Color Of The Custom Picture Frame:

To increase the beauty of the picture or artwork, you must choose a frame color that complements it. Generally, it is considered as a safe option because it will accentuate the quality of the artwork. If your artwork or picture is of primarily one color, then you need to choose a frame of the same shade as it will emit a sense of stability. Moreover, it will be able to draw attention to the artwork or the photo you have framed in it. It will highlight the artwork and emphasize its beauty.

2. The Picture Frame Must Add An Aesthetic Effect To The Photos or Artwork

If your artwork or photo is very simple, then you must consider choosing a frame color that is completely opposite to that picture. It will augment the aesthetic feel of the photo. Moreover, it will add character to the wall as well. You can try this approach with any type of artwork – simple or abstract. You can also make use of a metal style frame to provide a loud statement to the photo.

3. Think Out Of Box, Think Neutral:

To make a bold statement with your custom picture frame, you need to choose a neutral colored frame. It will complement any piece of work. They are clean, classic and timeless. Apart from that, black color frame is also considered as classic and neutral.

4. Whether To Use Mat or Not?

It is a very important decision whether you should use a mat for your photos or not. With the help of matting, you can add a decorative touch to your work. Mats are generally used with the frame to impart a formal and tidy look to the overall display. Moreover, it will complement the picture, artwork or photo within the frame. You can add a single or double mat depending on the piece.

5. Material Of The Frame: Acrylic Or Glass?

Selecting the best glazing material for your artwork or glass is quite essential. Using a UV filter glazing will help you to protect your artwork from the ultraviolet rays. Most importantly, you must look forward to a low reflective material that would not interfere with the surface of the work. Selecting acrylic will impart elegance to the photo or artwork and it is very lightweight. Hence there would be minimal or no damage to the frame while shifting it from one place to another.


The custom picture frame you choose must be able to enhance the photo and transform it into an artwork. Many people think that selecting the right picture frame is a daunting task but it becomes a piece of cake if you know the basics. With these tips, you would be able to get your hands on a perfect picture frame.

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