Don’t Just Frame Your Picture, Mat it too!

Don’t Just Frame Your Picture, Mat It Too!

When framing your artwork or photographs, you want them to come out looking the best way possible for spectacular wall pieces. In as much as picking out the right frame is an important part of picture framing, a mat will also contribute to the final look of the piece. A mat is simply the spacing between a frame and the picture itself and is achieved through a mat board. They come in various shapes, colors, sizes, thicknesses, and designs, and so on, giving you a lot to consider when choosing the most suitable one. As you take part in picture framing, here are reasons as to why you should not fail to include a mat.

Separation of the Artwork From the Glazing

It is important that your framed art or photographs do not come into direct contact with the glazing during framing. A mat helps to serve this purpose by separating the piece and the glazing to allow for air circulation between them. Failure to do so will cause condensed moisture to get trapped inside the frame causing water damage to the piece. Also, certain types of photographs and artwork can get smeared or get stuck onto the glazing after a while of staying into contact with it.

Provides Support

Most times, the picture framing shop will attach artwork and photographs on to backing boards during picture framing. This is to help reinforce the piece. The mat is then added on top of it causing the edges of the artwork to be sandwiched between the mat and the backing board. This will help to keep it in place to avoid it from moving around inside the frame.

Enhance Appearance

Picking the right frame will complement your art and photographs to make them more attractive. A mat as well plays a significant role in determining the final look of your framed art. A photo or art that is framed full bleed may appear plain or monotonous. Adding a mat will give it that extra detail to help it look more appealing.

If you are working with a monochromatic piece, then the mat may give you an opportunity to add some color to it. The color of the mat will also help you to complement the color scheme of the artwork and the surrounding décor. The material of the mat may also help to add some visual appeal to the framed art piece.

Draw Attention to the Artwork

As a mat helps to improve the appearance of your framed pieces, it will also help to draw the viewer’s attention to the artwork or photograph. Framing full-bleed may cause the artwork to look consumed. A mat, on the other hand, will give the piece some contrast making it stand out more. This will give your framed art some personality and enables it to command more attention. Accents mats also add some definition to framed pieces to make them more eye-catching.

Provide Opportunity to Present Framed Pieces Differently

When you put your art or photos directly to the frame without a mat, it leaves little room for creativity. There will only be the frame to work with. When working with a mat, you can play around with it making it possible for the framed pieces to achieve different looks. This can be done with the size of the mat, the color, thickness, and the size of the opening. You will not be limited and you can come up with different designs to complement different styles.

Help With Sizing and Fitting

If you are having trouble with fitting your art into a standard frame size, then a mat can come in handy. Instead of going through the trouble of getting a personalized frame, you can get one that is oversized and use a mat to help you fill the extra space and get to enhance your photo while at it.

Also, if you want to end up with a larger wall piece than the actual size of your artwork or photograph which you have, then you can also use a mat. This will enable your piece to fit in a larger frame ending up with a bigger wall piece to your liking.

During picture framing, the mat should not be overlooked. It serves the significant functionality of protecting your artwork or photographs to give them a long life. They are also an effective yet simple way to enhance your wall pieces. These, and more as seen above.

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