How do I put my art in this box?

Fitting a photo / work on paper

Putting a photograph in an acrylic box is a relatively straightforward process.

You will need acid-free tape, ATG, a razor blade, a ruler, a screwdriver, acrylic cleaner, a soft cloth, a duster (optional, but useful), you will also need a clean environment.
To begin, gather your art and your supplies. Remove your box from it’s packaging.

Remove the screws holding the backing into place and separate the acrylic from it’s base, set the acrylic aside somewhere safe.
Next, on a clean surface, lay your photograph or artwork facing down.

Apply some acid-free tape the four corners and center of your artwork. About a 1″ to 2 1/2″ sections are usually enough, this is depending on the size and weight of your art.
Apply ATG to the back of the acid free tape, be careful not to get any on the art.
Removing all waste and other items from your work surface, ensure the surface of your backing is clean.
Carefully lift your artwork, flip it back right side up, and gently place it on the surface of your box without adding any pressure to the points where you have applied the ATG.

Position the artwork center, or were you would like it to be placed, and ensure that the setting is accurate.
When in proper place, apply pressure to the hinges to affix the glue and hinge your work.

Put the acrylic on your work surface and remove the protective covering from the box on the inside. Clean it with acrylic cleaner. **Be sure not to use compounds that contains alcohol, ammonia, or acetone as these chemicals can damage acrylic on contact.**
When you are sure that there are – 1, no fingerprints on the inside of your box, 2, no dust on the surface of your backing, and 3, no dust within the box – proceed to carefully place your box over your package back onto the backing on which you received it.

Place the screws back where they were originally, remove the protective film from the exterior of the box, and clean it with acrylic cleaner.


Your art is ready to be hung. Good job.