What kind of acrylic box is right for me?

There are 3 clear types of acrylic:

Regular clear – Clean and clear acrylic. Our clear acrylic is colorless, defect free, and has fantastic optic properties. You can learn more about the grade of acrylic we use here.

UV filtering – Same as regular acrylic but with UV stabilizers that inhibit harmful radiation from transferring through the material.

Museum – The gold standard in fine art display. Museum acrylic is UV filtering, scratch resistant, chemical resistant, and optically coated to achieve the lowest reflection possible.


When selecting an acrylic case for your art and objects, there are some basic considerations.

1 – What will be displayed?

For items of little monetary or sentimental value, and for items that may not be susceptible to fading over time, regular acrylic will do the trick.

Limited edition prints, original paintings, children’s art which you would like to preserve, and items of value, UV acrylic is certainly the minimum recommendation. This will help prevent fading due to exposure to UV light (which is emitted not only from the sun, but through lights and TVs as well).

Intricate items, fine designs and details, or objects which are very light or very dark, Museum acrylic may be considered. This material has a coating which minimizes the reflection from its surface so the details of the work are more apparent.

Pieces of pop art, or items with bright colors may look fantastic with a neon side for some pop. To the same point, black and white photos, or woodblock prints may look exquisite in a black or white sided box.

2 – Where will it be displayed?

Conditions where the work will be displayed should be considered. For example, work hung adjacent to a window will be exposed to more UV radiation than work hung in a basement and therefor may warrant UV protective acrylic.

Pieces opposite a television will have reflection from the TV itself and may make the artwork difficult to see, Museum acrylic may be considered in this case.

If the piece is to be displayed in a hallway with little natural light or any fixtures that will cause reflection, regular acrylic will work just fine.

Design within the setting should be considered as black or white, or even colored acrylic, could give the piece an extra pop.

3 – How large will be the display?

There are structural limitation to how large we can make an 1/8” box.
Anything over the size of 36” x 48” will need to be made from the 1/4” variety (although these do look fantastic smaller as well!)