What thickness box do I need?

Do I need an 1/8” or 1/4″ acrylic box?

If you have you heart set on a black, white, neon, or museum acrylic box – the decision has been made for you already as these options are only available with our 1/4” boxes.

If you are going with regular or UV acrylic, and you just don’t know what thickness sides you need, here are some items for debate.

1 – How large will be the display?

There are structural limitation to how large we can make an 1/8” box.
Anything over the size of 36″ x 48″ will need to be made from the 1/4″ variety (although these do look fantastic smaller than this as well!)

2 – What look are you going for?

The 1/8” boxes are incredibly contemporary, minimal and sleek – these boxes are all about the art and simplicity!

The 1/4″ boxes have a certain prominence to them, they ooze modern design and sophistication. The edges give off a glow and a certain shine. These boxes will take attention, not necessarily away from the art being displayed, but they will captivate the viewer in a different way than the 1/8” boxes. The 1/4″ boxes are a much more robust look and make more of a statement in terms of modern design.