Frames On Trend This Summer

Frames On Trend This Summer

There is no better way to add some personality to a room than with some framed wall pieces. As the summer approaches, you are probably looking for something to get your hands on. Taking part in some framing projects as a way to revamp your space is a wonderful idea. With the continually evolving framing world, it’s hard to pick out the best frames to have your home looking beautiful and chic at the same time. The following are ideas to help you keep up with the framing trends during this Summer Holiday.

The Classic Black Frame

A simple black frame never goes out of style. This is due to its ability to complement almost any art piece bringing out different styles and designs with each combination. Using a black frame to surround an almost entirely white picture background is one way in which people are using black frames to make a statement with their interior décor. Line art, a great form of expression through artwork, has become a sensation among art lovers. Paring this with a nice black frame will be perfect for a minimalistic yet contemporary look. Try different frame sizes to match different interior styles.

Decorated Frames

Minimalistic frames have for years been a popular choice for many. Even though they remain at the top of the charts, a style-conscious age has inspired people to want to do more when it comes to framing. As a result, people are more comfortable experimenting with more ornate frames for their wall pieces. This kind of frame mostly goes well with a vintage theme. As you plan to do some framing during the summer holidays, you should consider adding some embellishments to your frames to bring out a rustic look and make a statement with your wall pieces.

Handcrafted Frames

With the digital era, picture framing shops have access to tools and machines that assist them in the crafting of frames through an easier and faster process as compared to handcrafting. Getting handcrafted frames is, however, still an option. Handcrafted frames will appear rawer and with a bit of imperfection unlike ones of the contrary case which are likely to be seamless. This brings out authenticity and it will be a classic way to add some uniqueness and character to your home décor. This is likely to be a highly valued piece as a way to appreciate the workmanship behind it.

Shadow Box Frames

Also trending in the framing world is the shadow box frames. With this framing style, some depth is added to the frame creating some sort of 3D effect. A shadow box frame will make a fun and artistic addition to your gallery wall. You can do this with a simple black framing on a white picture background and include this on a gallery wall with normal box frames. You may also have it adorned for a stand-alone statement piece. This will look best in smaller frame sizes. A major advantage of shadow box frames is that you can use them to hold even 3D items.

Float Frames

Float frames are also something to consider should you decide to engage in some framing during this summer holiday. With this kind of frame, there appears to be a space between the art and the actual frame giving it an illusion of floating. This type of frame is ideal for tight spaces to help you maximize the available space. They are also suitable in case you want to highlight the edges of your art piece. This idea of floating contributes to a calm and relaxing atmosphere in a room. This design also leads to contemporary pieces that are of great visual appeal.

Colored Frames

While earthy tones are a great way to add some elegance, you may choose to go the other way with some colorful frames to add vibrancy to the room. You may decide to go with soft colors or more bold neon colors. Do a colorful frame with a thick white matting to create some contrast or with a full bleed colored photo for an audacious wall piece. Whether for thick and small frame sizes or thin larger ones, colored frames are a creative way through which a color lover can add a pop of color to a room.


A nice retouch may be what your home needs. This will not only be good for your home’s aesthetic, but a refreshed space will also give you the much-needed rejuvenation. Should you decide to do some framing during the Summer Holidays, the above are some of the trends to look out for.

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