Framing And Decor Trends For 2021

Framing And Decor Trends For 2021Interior design allows us to express our appreciation of beauty and truly create a space of our own. The deliberate design of interiors makes homes look nicer. A well-designed interior also helps to increase the home’s value.

Just as it is with other mediums of displaying art, the trends of interior designs are not static; they keep changing with time. This evolution has a huge impact on framed pieces of art as well as on some other features inside the home.

To keep up with the modern-day trends, you must try to make your space look as beautiful as possible. If you get it right, your home will be the envy of your family, friends, and visitors.

Top Framing And Decor Trends Of 2021

As a result of the minimalist aesthetic decor of large open environments, the minimalist concept has been a popular design trend for the last 10 years. Many have embraced this eye-catching trend because it helps in making their homes look larger. It also gives the untrained eye some sense of connection.

However, there has been a decrease in the popularity of this décor trend in 2021. People are now opting for a divided and more traditional room shape. Large open spaces have always been problematic because of how easily sounds and scents travel around; for this reason, the swift return of more intimate decor plans is expected.

Another important focal point other than a more intimate decor plan is framing. People will use frames to distinguish one room from the other. When each room is styled differently with distinct frame types, they will have an individual uniqueness and feel.

To further explore how interior designs will look like, here are some top trends you should keep an eye for in 2021:

Increase In The Popularity Of Floating Frames

Increase In The Popularity Of Floating FramesA floater frame is a frame that is between clear sheets of glass or acrylic and a chosen piece of art, helping to create an illusion that makes the art piece look as if it is floating. It has a strong visual impact, making it a very effective way of displaying works of art.

Indeed, floating frames are an amazing decor choice when used to display a variety of art pieces both at home and in galleries. This frame’s stunning look is a result of the illusion of the object floating in the frame. Hence, the strong visual impact it has on observers.

Floating frames make a strong visual impression in the space it is displayed, and it is also a creative way of displaying art. Be sure that it will become more popular in 2021 because many people will use them to preserve many art pieces in all the available spaces in their homes.

Increasing Use Of Shadow FramesIncreasing Use Of Shadow Frames

A shadow frame box is a frame style with an enclosed glass front that is specifically designed to enclose a piece of art. They are also used in framing artworks to add more depth. The depth that you get from this particular frame when added to the art piece is much more than what you will get from any other standard picture frame. They are also a great choice when displaying memorabilia from sporting matches.

Shadow frames are an excellent choice for displaying three-dimensional objects as well. It gives character to any intimate space, making it key to interior designs. With these frames, you’ll have the power to display items creatively while adding character to them at the same time.

Increase In Popularity Of High-Quality Products

Scandinavian design principles are an influence that keeps guiding interior designers. Many people will keep spending more money on products they see as being of high quality, with a focus on functionality. The trend is to get a product with a solid base as well as one that has an exquisite look.

The product that people will emphasize will be made mostly of natural materials. Such natural materials will include wooden objects and bespoke frames. To leave a strong impression of their personalities in their homes, most people will choose products that have a unique and creative style.

Bespoke handmade frames will become more popular. Bespoke frames are made from the finest materials with lots of character added to provide a finish of high quality. Expect more of these products in 2021.

Acceptance Of Imperfections

Minimalism gives a feel and appeal, which many people will want to take away from their interior design. The trend of choosing minimalism is called wabi-sabi, and it is the acceptance of imperfection and transience. In some quarters, this trend is being referred to as the opposite of “maximalism.”

“Minimalism” is a more balanced and natural feel where you live in harmony with the imperfections. People now aim to create a living space different from the norm, but still with unique décor designs and a comfortable feel. In creating a space that follows no particular theme, designers will decorate the space with different designs and creations to give the home more character.

More Division In The Environment

A huge emphasis has been placed on open, large spaces by minimalism. It is a niche that helps to make properties more connected and larger than usual. However, some sacrifices need to be made when it comes to its functionality and closeness of environments.

When the space is large and open, scents from the kitchen can travel throughout the property just as far as sound will. For this reason, there will be more division in the space to help create a more intimate feel.

One thing that is destined to play a large part in this transition is a frame. Frames are used to create a distinction between spaces within the home. A frame of particular material and size may be used in the living room, while the frames used in other parts of the home will be different.


Trends come and go. However, it takes longer for framing trends to fade, unlike apparel trends. Framing is a good investment regardless of the trend you choose. Not only will it help to beautify and preserve your art piece, but it will also enhance the look of your home.

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