Gift A-Frame: Last Minute Father’s Day Gift

Gift A-Frame Last Minute Father's Day Gift

Father’s Day is fast approaching and you need to figure out how to appreciate the most special man in your life on his day. It always seems to come around too fast leaving you stressed out about the fact that you forgot to make prior arrangements for a gift for your father. However, there is no need to panic. The list of last-minute gifting ideas for Father’s Day is endless. Here are some awesome framing ideas that will make wonderful gifts for a father on his special day.

“Dad” Frame

Express your love for your dad with a frame that has the word “DAD” imprinted on it. You can make your love even more elaborate by getting one with words of affection such as “I love you” written below the word dad. After purchasing the frame, you can then slide in a nice picture of him or one with the both of you. This a father’s day gift that he can place anywhere including on his office table.

Hobby Wall Hanging

Is there a hobby that your father loves to engage in such as fishing or hunting? If so, getting him something revolving around his passion will be a great gifting idea. You can get canvas printings of his favorite hunting or fishing gear or anything else that symbolizes something that they love doing. Frame this and gift it to him to use as a wall hanging. This will show him how much you love and understand him.

Framed Handwriting

There is no better way to appreciate your father on Father’s Day than with a sincere gift. A great way to do this would be by gifting him a handwritten heartfelt message. You may write it out nicely or decide to print it, preferably on canvas for purposes of longevity. This can be coupled with a classic or handcrafted frame. This is something he can hang somewhere around the house and be reminded of your beautiful words every other day.

Framed Football Theme

If your father is big on football, then this will be the perfect Father’s Day gift for him. This will involve a football-themed framed picture or art. An idea is to have football shirts with names of family members starting with that of your father. Team numbers can also be included, giving your father the number “1”. Above this can be a team name, preferably the family name. If you are artistic, you can sketch this out for yourself. Otherwise, you can get someone else to do it for you and then head over to a framing shop to get it framed. This will signify one great team with one great leader.

Family Name Frame

Is your father a great family man? Then this will form a great gift for him as you celebrate him for being there for his family. This will involve getting a frame with the family name imprinted all around it. You can then add one of the best family photos that are inclusive of every family member. This an ideal gifting idea for either an individual or the entire family. It will not only be a way to celebrate your father but also symbolize your pride in the family name.

Photo Collage

There are many ways that you can play around with photos and come up with a meaningful gift for your father on Father’s Day. Gather photos of your best moments shared to create a personalized picture collage. Have this go together with a loving message for him. You can take this a notch higher by spelling out a certain word or phrase such as “DADDY’ or “I love you dad“ using a collage of these photos. You can then have this framed at your favorite framing shop. This will be a fun and creative way to appreciate your dad and give him a way to cling to these treasured moments for the rest of his life.

Superhero Frame

Fathers are heroes who easily go unnoticed. Let your father know what an inspiration he has been to your life with this Father’s Day gift. Include Minifigures of superheroes that you feel go in hand with his heroic qualities. You can also add a note to appreciate him for being a wonderful role model. Finish it all up with an interesting frame. This gesture, coming from his child, will mean everything to him.

All these are simple, yet, interesting items that you can gift your old man on this special day. Coming up with them should take you a few days whether you are outsourcing or taking it up as a personal project. It is never too late to put a smile on your beloved father on Father’s Day!

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