Hot Trends in Home-Decor

Hot Trends in Home-Decor

Who loves to decorate their homes? Well, we all do. A house without interior decor is just like a body without a soul. Decorating a house with artwork enhances the beauty of the house and extends the style statement. It also helps to understand the personality of the people living in the house.

Artwork works to expand the visual power of the hall in which it is hung. But do you think only artwork alone can do that? Every artwork needs a frame. The requirement of the frame can be different and dependent on the type of artwork. A frame is both a piece of art itself and a functional element of art preservation.

It is a fact that most art or artwork is made for framing. But some (like giclee prints) rest just fine on their own. The choice of the frame really depends on the look you’re going for in your space, the colors and vibrancy of the print, and even the contrast the piece has when paired with the rest of the room’s decor.

In 2020, it has been observed that the picture frames have evolved themselves to be a statement piece. It ties together other decorative aspects of a room whether it’s your home or your home office.

Let’s have a look at some of the hottest framing and home decor trends.

Hot Trends in Home-Decor

Hot Picture Framing Trend – Float Frames: Most of you might have thought that floating frames are out of the picture framing industry – but it’s not true. Floating frames are still going strong and they are here to stay. Floating frames are trending because they are precisely designed to trick the eye and provide a deep sense of the artwork. It will make the artwork look as if it is floating on its own. The frame is also used to bind the perimeter of the artwork. You can do it without truly touching it or holding it in place.

Float frames are beneficial in enhancing the look as they provide a sleek and clean finish to the artwork. You can see that same effect in the metallic frames as well. The illusion allows your artwork to shine, rather than the frame taking over with its textures or details.

Metallic Frame Finishes: Choosing a perfect metallic frame will increase the beauty of the artwork as well as the living room. You must choose a metallic frame that is not too ornate or garish. It is observed that the artwork looks more mesmerizing and desirable when the metallic finish is available in chrome or silver. Metallic finishes work great in modern, minimalist space, amping up the “drama” of a room with its subtle but unmistakable shine. Along with this, people are opting for metallic finishes that have wood accents or wood paneling to give a contemporary look.

Use Shadow Box Frame To Increase The Aesthetic Appeal Of The Artwork: Paintbox Shop usually gets requests for shadow box frames even today. Different people and different definitions of the artwork. Depending on the aesthetic and sentimental value of the artwork to the individual, this might be considered worth preserving and showcasing. That’s when a shadow box frame comes in handy: to mount and show off 3D objects within a frame.

In fact, shadow boxes started off as an interesting innovation to a tricky problem. You don’t want to block off the object from view, but you also don’t want to be invasive when framing.

When mounting objects into this type of frame, there’s flexibility; the object may be hand-stitched to a mat board, or the box/frame itself could have a shelf or other supports to suspend the object.

Stacked Frame To Provide Depth To The Artwork:

Stacked frames are exactly as they sound: multi-layered frames that are, literally, stacked one on top of the other to bring both literal and visual depth to the artwork you’ve chosen. Now, it’s a very tricky balance because you want your art piece to shine while still allowing the frames to be appreciated as the right complement to the artwork.


Luckily, framing trends, unlike clothing trends, take much longer to fade. That’s great news because, depending on what you choose, framing is an investment, a commitment to your artwork’s longevity and beautification. Professional framers have extensive experience that makes them perfect to provide guidance while choosing the right frame and analyzing the hottest framing trends in the industry. You must remember that it’s not just about these “trends” or what’s in vogue — it’s about finding the right frame for your personal style, your home’s decor, and your artwork’s idiosyncratic aesthetic.

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