How To Choose Picture Frame To Complement Your Artwork

How To Choose Picture Frame To Complement Your Artwork

The right picture frame is all you need to draw attention to your artwork. Therefore, you must be creative when picking frames for your artwork, since frames are as important as the artwork itself, you should pay attention to getting the right ones.

There are factors involved in choosing to complement picture frames for your artwork. The options can overwhelm your decision a little, but they will play a successful part in your framing project. The artwork also plays an important role when you are trying to decide which frame to use and accentuate the work.

Your choices will range from the nature of the artwork, the colors used in producing it, the style of the artwork, and of course the medium used in producing the artwork. Here are a few tips that can lead you to choose the picture frame that will compliment your artwork.

The Profile of the Frame

The Profile of the Frame

When considering a frame for your artwork, first look at the subject of the artwork. You must be able to tell if the artwork will be suitable if framed with either a wooden or a metal frame.

Since the material of the photo frame is as pertinent as the artwork, it is, therefore, true that matching and combining diverse pieces with various materials can result in having a suitable frame.

Any contemporary or abstract artwork like a simple black and white image will match a metallic frame coated in gold or silver. Since these artworks are embellished in a modern and classy style, the frame will help enhance them rather than subdue them.

Wooden frames present an artwork with a traditional vigor, which is excellent for any type of photo or art piece thereby complementing them with warmth and beauty.

However, you should choose a frame for your artwork depending on the interior design of your home. Some homes will look great with wooden frames, while others will only match metal frames. It does not matter what the style of your home or artwork is, unconventional or minimalist, you can still get the perfect frame.

Color Is A Crucial Factor

Color Is A Crucial Factor

Whether it is the frame or the artwork, it is necessary to pay attention to the color. The color of the artwork will determine the type of frame you should ideally use. You should not go for an exaggerating frame if it is not necessarily so that the frame does not overpower your artwork.

Depending on how colorful your artwork is, your frame should be in line to complement that factor. The idea should be to make the framed art, the center of attraction and not the frame itself. Your interior decor will also be enhanced when you have the right frame for your art.

When picking a frame for your artwork, choose a color from the artwork that is the most featured to complement your frame choice. It could be the primary color in the artwork that can create an equilibrium with the artwork.

For a more dramatic outlook, the art piece must be simple, stylish, and clean. Here, you can choose a frame with an opposite color when matched with the color of the artwork.

Simple or disorganized artwork will be suitable with a frame that is opposite in color because it will announce the area in which the artwork will be hanging by giving it an attentive outlook. A metal frame will keep the outcome simple and not disorganized.

If you are trying to emphasize your artwork following the most dominant color in your piece or match things up by using an opposite frame color to make a bold accentuation, then you can leave it neutral. Neutral colored picture frames are good at complementing any work of art.

For your beautiful artwork with a unique, classic, timeless, and clean look, a white frame can never be a bad choice. The result will be so magnificent and the colors will effortlessly pop, adding elegance and spark to your artwork.

You can also try matching your artwork with black frames. This frame type is modern and classy, for simple and stylish artworks. It is neutral in a way that it can easily complement any photo or artwork that sits in it.

Use Mat

One conventional way of having your artwork elevated uniquely while sitting in a frame is by adding mats to the artwork. You should go for a mat board that can preserve your artwork rather than damage it.

You should be careful when choosing mat boards for your framed artwork, as some can cause your artwork to become yellowish or brownish depending on the material used in producing them. Otherwise, mat boards look elegant when they are added to an artwork.

It is therefore important to avoid poor quality mats as the life span of your artwork can depend on this. Go for high-quality, acid-free mats, and your cherished piece will be preserved for many decades.

Adding mats to your artwork is a beautiful way of affecting small artworks that need to be bold enough to draw admiration. You can add matting to personalized photos, small art prints, memorabilia, and collections of small artworks.

Matting your artwork adds an extra allurement to your framing result and makes room for the artwork to breathe by extending a unique and natural feel to the entire piece and making it a center of attraction.


You can simply complement your artwork with a suitable frame and have your living space looking as enchanting as it should. Both wood and metal frames are great to frame choices that will match your artwork depending on how chaotic or subtle it is.

The frame color is important too, try your best to match the right color to the artwork that it will be holding. It must not be overwhelming. Rather, the frame should help the artwork stand out.

Matboards are important but choosing the wrong one will damage your artwork over time. Therefore, in making this decision, only go for acid-free mats to complement your framed art.

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