How To Choose The Right Frame For Your Colorful Walls

How To Choose The Right Frame For Your Colorful Walls

Painting your walls and putting up your art are the two biggest steps you must take to make your space feel like home. Your artwork will look more polished when framed. Framing will help to increase its aesthetic appeal and also give it protection. Frames also serve as a support for your artwork.

To bring out the best of your colorful walls, you must select the right frames. The visual appeal of the wall will be hindered if you don’t use the right frame. The right frame for your colorful wall complements the wall and helps to increase its visual appeal. When choosing frames for your colorful walls, make sure you pay attention to the following:

1. Check your wall undertones

The majority of paint colors are formulated by blending two or more colors. This means that every shade has a main tone and an undertone color. It is these undertones that are the key to a cohesive interior design and recognizing them will assist you in choosing frames that perfectly compliment your color palette.

So, how can you recognize the undertone of your color? You can know the undertone of your color by comparing your paint color to its nearest “true color” relative.

Take, for example, if the color of your walls is cream or off-white color, make use of a color wheel or paint swatch to compare it to yellow, red, and blue-based creams. Your closest color match will reveal your undertones. There are many colors like gray and white that are considered neutral because of their neutral bases. Testing such colors against a known swatch is the simplest way to know what undertones you are working with.

You can choose your frames now that you know your wall color undertone. Generally, frames with silver color match with a cool undertone, and the opposite hold true for walls that falls on the warm spectrum, where gold frames enhance their look. A perfect example of this is combining silver frames of various tones (from sleek true silver to champagne antiqued frames) with a cool pale blue color. Any home with a warm undertone color often looks wonderful with gold frames.

2. The new neutrals are white and black

The new neutrals are white and black

Simple white and black frames are endlessly adaptable. They blend well with all kinds of interior styles, art colors, and wall colors. It works like magic.

For example, it may be a decent opinion to pair a white mat and sleek white frame with a radiant white wall. It makes the painting the real emphasis of the interior, with the frames adding modest texture and sophisticated dimension. This same effect can be accomplished with black frames on dark walls. You can choose a dark mat, white mat, or make use of no mat for this kind of look.

3. Match your whites

When your pairing of white frames with white walls does not look alright, it’s simply because the white color undertone is not perfectly aligned. If you have a cream or an off-white color wall, a sharp white frame will appear too stark against it. Simply ensure that your mat color works with both the walls and your frame. For example, if you choose a bright white frame to match a true white wall, make sure you also select a white mat.

4. Go beyond the walls

While wall color is absolutely important, never underestimate how the tones and colors of other design components may influence the totality of your interior palette. Think of your base and crown molding, any floors or tile backsplash, the tone of cabinets and wood floors, and the colors of your furniture and even counter-tops. All these factors can bring out the undertones of your wall color, particularly the ones that are not immediately noticeable.

5. Don’t bother about matching your art to your walls

Don’t bother about matching your art to your walls

Some people waste much time looking for the perfect art piece for a particular spot in their home, like the flawless blue-toned abstract art image for the guest bedroom.

Even though that is a good way of approaching decoration, it is best to always choose the art you love, even if it does not conform to the rest of your interior style. A frame with the right undertones color can link a wall and the whole room together.


What we’ve considered in this guide are 5 tips that will help you choose the right frame for your colorful walls. While it is important to find a frame that matches your walls, you don’t necessarily have to waste your time on this. Beyond the frame matching your walls, you should ensure it fits well with the interior décor of the room where it will be placed.

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