How To Create A Gallery Wall?

How To Create A Gallery Wall

Your home says a lot about you. You, therefore, need to find ways to personalize it and make it your own. This may seem like a lot of work. Luckily, there is an easier and effective option. You can create a gallery wall. As the name suggests, this is simply a wall filled with photos. It is easy because you will not have to wrack your brain trying to think of décor pieces. All you need to do is gather your wall pieces and put them up on an empty wall in your house. Sounds easy, right? To make it even easier for you, here is a guide to help you as you create a gallery wall in your home.

Gather Photos and Artwork

For you to make a gallery wall, you need to first have the pieces that you will fill it with. You, therefore, need to start collecting pieces that you feel you would like to include on the gallery wall. These can be photos and artwork that you already own or sourcing for new ones. At this point, you can also start doing research to get some inspiration on how to go about your gallery wall.

Pick a Theme

Here, you can now start thinking about the theme that you want to give your gallery wall. This will give the gallery a unifying factor, making the individual pieces relate to each other in a certain way. This will also help you as you sort through the collected pieces for ones that satisfy the theme, and avoid clattering your wall.

One way to pick a theme for your gallery wall is through the content of the pieces. This can be family photos, a type of art, quotes, travel photos, and others, etc. You can also use the appearance to create a theme. This can be color, material, etc.

Mix and Match

A gallery wall does not always have to follow a particular theme. You can choose to mix it up instead. You can have different kinds of artwork and an assortment of your favorite photos. You are free to do what appeals to you as long as it eventually goes well together.

Pick Out Your Frames

Another important part of creating a gallery wall, which can also be daunting, is choosing frames for your art. This can easily ruin your gallery wall if not thought about well. For a simple clean look, you can choose to keep the frames uniform. This can be a simple black frame on all the pieces. It could also be white, metallic, etc.

It is however more interesting to mix your gallery wall with different frame designs. You can have both simple and decorated frames. You can also vary your frames in terms of color, material, and size. These frames should complement their pieces and also blend together such that they look stunning both individually and when put together.

Choose a Location

Now that you have an idea of the pieces and how you are going to include them in your gallery wall, you now need to consider where you are going to place them. Your gallery wall can go on any empty space on the walls of your home. However, you want to consider the focal areas of your home such as the fireplace and the TV station. You can also use your gallery wall to create new focal points in your home by placing it on the entry hallway, the staircase wall, and an empty wall among others.

After settling on a particular location, you also need to measure the space available. This will help you to know the number of pieces and their sizes that can fit.

Arrangement Style

With your location and pieces set, it is now time that you determine how you are going to arrange your gallery wall. This is where most of the work is. It is also the most essential step as it can make or break your gallery wall. It can easily turn into a mess if you make a mistake.

There are plenty of arrangement styles that you can adopt for your gallery wall. You can choose to play it safe with the more symmetrical styles or take a risk by trying out the asymmetrical ones. The best arrangement style for you will depend on your preference, artwork as well as the space available.

Test it Out

You want to be sure of how the pieces will look before going ahead to put them up on the wall. You can therefore start by layering them down on the floor first, to get a better picture. By doing so, you can play around with different layouts to see how they come out. You will also be able to see if anything is out of place and make the necessary changes.


Do not leave the walls in your home empty. You can quickly give your home some personality by adding a gallery wall. Even with its simplicity, it is versatile, giving you plenty of options in terms of what you can achieve with it.

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