How To Keep Photo Frames Safe For A Long Time

How To Keep Photo Frames Safe For A Long Time

Some of your artworks will start having flaws if they are not properly positioned at home or if they are being tossed around from one place to another. You will notice yellow tints of colors, faded, and tattered borders. Sometimes, the pictures may be too delicate to touch.

If situations around you begin to change, maybe a relocation to a new house, a renovation of your present house, or you are not just interested in some of the artworks anymore. Instead of carelessly piling away your personalized picture frames and dumping them in a cupboard unprotected, you can do a suitable collection of your artworks and keep them safe for future purposes.

Always have in mind that because photo frames are fragile and can be easily damaged, they must be handled with extra attention. If you don’t want to get them ruined, there are a few ways you can keep your frames safe, for a long time.

Use As Many Acid-Free Materials As You Can

Use only acid-free materials on your frames, whether they are mat boards or tapes, they must be free of acid. This caution is important because no matter what your print is made of, it is comprised of acids that will cause the yellowing of your photos. This is the reason why most old photos have yellowy coloration.

Find A Quality Cover

Ultraviolet rays can horribly destroy your photos, just as acids can also damage them. Luckily, some frame covers, acrylic, or glass are not only used to beautify your photo frames, but they come with levels of protection against ultraviolet rays.

Choose a Safe Display Area

Choose a Safe Display Area

If you want to protect your photo frame, by all means, be mindful of where you place them. Do not put them near the windows or doors where direct sunlight can easily damage them.

Nevertheless, you don’t have to hoard your frames by keeping them in the dark, even though you must be careful of high humidity from artificial light, but you can use soft bulbs around or near your photo frames.

Avoid Using Cardboard-based Products

For some very good reasons, the use of cardboard has been limited because of its acidic nature.

When cardboard comes in contact with a print over the long term, it begins to have discolorations. If you remove them from the back of your frame, you might be able to preserve your photo frame for a longer time.

Use a Low Maintenance Frame

Depending on the material frames are made of, frames have diverse degrees of maintenance. Therefore, using low-maintenance material for pictures that are a little old will limit handling or touching the photo. Also, keep your frame away from moist areas to avoid corrosion.

Cleaning Before Storage

Cleaning Frame Before Storage

If over time, as the years go by, you want to put away your photo frames, make sure to thoroughly clean them. This cleaning would protect the artwork from several mishaps that could destroy it.

Use a very neat cloth, preferably microfiber, to take away dust from all the layers. If you have artwork that is made of canvass, apply more care in cleaning the surface. If the art piece is a metal made, use oil to wipe it clean to keep it clear from rust forming on it.

If the photo frames are made of wood, spray the wood with quality polish, this protects the wooden frame from developing bristles over time.

It is wrong to keep photo frames in strips and covers, as they can adhere to the frame. Sticky materials such as tapes that bind with intense pressure are not acceptable when you are trying to store your framed piece away because it will be very difficult to pull them off the frames since they would have stuck so hard over time due to the chemical components of the sticker tapes.

Prepare your Photo Frames

To protect the structure and corners of your frame, you must cut out pieces of cardboard and add them to all the edges of your frame. Using soft blankets, non-adhesive tapes, and any other soft wraps to secure the frames will go a long way in protecting them.

Another way is to store your framed photos and keep them safe from moisture is by creating a protective shield. Thereby it is good to wrap the frames in a flexible bag, tied closely before it is stored in a box.

There are boxes specially made to pack frames at several stores with available supplies. You can find suitable boxes that will fit your photo frames in a picture framing shop or a frame store in New York. While packing the frames, do not stack them on top of each other or lay them flat atop each other because the weight of the frames can cause them to collapse or break.

Storing Unframed photos

For all your unframed photo frames, extra care must be exercised, ignore the idea of rolling up photos or artworks that are unframed. If you roll them, they may make creases or have cracks as in the case of paintings on canvasses.

The best way to preserve this kind of photo or artwork is by wrapping them up in glassine, a product that opposes water and air.

Carefully place the wrapped work in the middle, using two firm objects that are a little greater in size than the unframed piece. It could be cardboard, or a block of light wood, and secure them together, using tape.


If you have been preserving old boxes of photos or have piled away beautiful artworks in your cupboard for decades or more, don’t destroy your photos due to sheer negligence. Treat your memories nicely by putting them in a frame.

While you are preserving those frames, take care of the way you also handle them, since they are delicate, store them well and use good materials to put them away. If in the future you decide to move out or take a break from the use of artworks or photo frames, the ones that you possess would not be destroyed. Lastly, make use of acid-free materials and protect your frames from light.

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