How to Select the Right Frame for Your Photo?

How To Select The Right Frame For Your photo

When it comes to framing, there is more to it than just having a border surrounding your photograph. It plays a major role in how your wall piece will turn out both in appearance and durability. You, therefore, need to pick a frame that will be right for your photograph. For this to happen, there are certain aspects that you must consider when choosing your picture frame. This guide on how to select the best picture frame for your photo should help you make the right decision.

Frame Size

The most important aspect to consider when choosing a picture frame is the size of your photograph. This is what will determine the frame size that you will get. Going to the frame store with the wrong measurements will render all your efforts useless since you will end up with a wrongly sized frame that will not fit your photo. Accuracy is therefore key as you do the measurements. If you plan on including a mat, then you should consider this as you pick a frame size. You should as well consider the available space.


Different materials will bring out your piece differently. This is therefore something that you should consider as you select a picture frame. A wooden picture frame will warm up the photo and will look best in a home with a traditional theme. On the other hand, metal frames will give your photo a crisp and modern look that will go well in a contemporary home. Your budget may also determine the material for your frames. Wooden frames tend to be pricier than metal ones.


The color that you choose for your frame should be guided by the piece itself as well as the room décor. You can match the color to the piece by picking out one of the outstanding colors in the photograph. You may also go with a color that will give your wall piece a contrast. Another way to select a color is by using the main color of your home décor. You may decide to go extreme with bold and neon colors or keep it simple with neutral shades.


Picture frames come in various designs. Different designs will work well with different pieces. You should, therefore, pick a design that will bring out the piece in the best way while at the same time matching the surrounding décor. The simplicity of the frame should also depend on whether you want to draw attention to the photograph or to the frame itself. For muted photographs, you can go in the opposite direction with a more elaborate frame. A simple unadorned frame will go well with a vibrant photo.

Customized Frames?

If you are unable to find a standard frame that meets your requirements, then you may have to consider a personalized picture frame. One reason that may necessitate a custom frame is if your photo does not fit into a standard frame size. With the right measurements, a picture framing shop can make one to perfectly fit your piece. The need for a unique design can also demand that you get a personalized picture frame. This way, you can specify every single detail to be included in the frame. Nonetheless, you are likely to spend more with a customized frame, but, you will be able to get exactly what you are looking for.


As you choose a frame for your photo, you are free to decide whether or not to include a mat. Some pieces will look good when framed full bleed and you, therefore, do not have to add a mat. Nonetheless, a mat can give your piece an extra detail to make it more appealing. A mat is also a great way to give your photo a contrast. You can also use a mat if you want your piece to look bigger. If you decide to add one, you will need to pick a mat color, size, texture, and design that will work best for your photograph.


Choosing the glazing for your piece is another essential step during framing. This may seem straightforward, but, there are several factors to consider when it comes to functionality. You should get a UV filter glazing to protect your photo from harmful sun rays. You may also need to get one that is non-reflective depending on where you intend to display it. If your piece is to be transported, strong glazing will minimize the risk of breakage.

Selecting a frame that is right for your photo is important. You should ensure that you pick one that is best for your photograph as well as your home décor. Your preference and purpose should also reflect on your choice.

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