Large Format Printing – The Next Big Thing In Printing Industry!

Large Format Printing - The Next Big Thing In Printing Industry!

Since the last few years, there has been a steady growth in the popularity of large format printing and it will continue to develop even when new technologies trend. This popularity of large format printing is due to the fact that they are cost-effective, easy, and convenient to operate, and finally, they help in preparing prints on virtual surfaces. The most important aspect is, large format prints display original work, custom texts, and attractive graphics. These aspects are some of the proven ways to increase sales as well as the popularity of the large format prints.

Large-format prints are beneficial if you are looking to print something: 

  • A new outdoor sign for a restaurant
  • Work with an efficient advertising campaign
  • Banners for the outdoor festival

What Do You Mean By A Large Format Print?

A large format print is also called the wide-format print that is technically at 24 inches wide. A recent study stated that the large format prints are potential enough to drive a large portion of growth just within the print market. Moreover, the large-format prints provide a solution to all your large-scale print marketing needs.

With the advanced technologies, large-format prints are able to overcome the limitation and have also gained higher capabilities with quicker turnaround speeds. Well, after all the improvements, needless to say, that large-format printing is becoming the first & foremost choice as a marketing tool. It has endless print design options that range from printed wallpapers, decor titles, to beautiful display canvases.

Custom Designed Prints With Large-Format Printing: 

The best thing about large-format printing is that they can be easily customized to accommodate uneven objects or hard-to-reach surfaces. The inherent visibility of large-format prints is something that makes it suitable for advertising and marketing campaigns.

As large-format prints are constructed from durable, weather and UV-resistant materials, it makes it suitable for both indoor as well as outdoor purposes.

What are the applications of Large-Format Prints?

Generally, the large-format prints are designed to produce banners which are used in

  1. Multi-day festivals
  2. Conventions
  3. Different Types of Expos And Exhibitions
  4. Window Displays
  5. Vehicles Wraps
  6. Wall Coverings

What Are Different Products Available With Large-Format Printing?

Basically, large-format printing companies have a wide range of products and you can get everything you need to promote your business in a grand way. You can get an extensive range of large format prints products that include:

PVC Vinyl Banners: You can make use of hard-wearing and water-resistant PVC vinyl banners for growing your brand or promoting a product.

Indoor & Outdoor Posters: These are A-sized posters that can be customized according to the client’s or customer’s needs and are affordable.

Roll-Up Banner Large-Format Prints: These types of large-format prints are very popular and considered as portable promotional tools. They can be used everywhere right from retail to corporate business houses, exhibitions, and major events.

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Large-Format Prints: 

The large-format prints that are long-lasting, durable self-adhesive vinyl. You can use them to make a big impact. These are eye-catching or attractive vinyl graphics that are best for sticking on walls, windows, or hoardings.

Advantages Of Large-Format Prints:

  1. Provide Integrated Finishing Workflow: With the technological advancements, large-format prints and graphics are becoming automated in the workflow.
  2. They can be easily customized to fit on specific objects and surfaces irrespective of the dimensions and shape.
  3. Large-format prints are cost-effective.
  4. They have long-lasting prints beneficial for high-quality marketing campaigns.
  5. You can get large-format printing in laminated or mounted versions for heavy outdoor use.

Large-Format Prints Are Future Of The Printing Industry: 

Large-format printing has seen a growing demand due to all the advantages it provides to the printing industry. It is considered to be the fastest-growing segment of the print industry. You can easily get the large -format prints on plastic, canvas, or tiles.


The market of large-format prints has always surprised people with innovations that easily drive productivity and continued growth. Industry experts have visualized the growth of large-format printing with a wide range of new products that will revitalize the functioning of the existing market and take it to new heights.

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