The Best and Most Affordable Acrylic Frames Ever

Best And Most Affordable Acrylic Frames Ever

Also known as plexiglass or frameless picture frames, acrylic picture frames are a great alternative to the traditional box frames. They are made of acrylic, a material that resembles glass. With no border surrounding it, an acrylic picture frame will give a wall piece the illusion of floating adding some lightness to a room. They also give an elegant touch to almost any kind of interior décor. If you are looking for a unique way to do your framing, then acrylic frames are something to consider. Here are some of the best ways to do your framing using acrylic frames without having to break the bank.

Acrylic Standoff Frames

Acrylic standoff frames are acrylic picture frames that are mounted directly onto the wall with the use of standoff bolts. These are used to secure the frame by drilling them into both the acrylic frames and the wall. Two acrylic panels are used to hold the artwork in place by sandwiching it between them. The result of this type of acrylic picture frames is a sleek wall piece to give a room modern and icy look.

This will be ideal for large framed art pieces to add some elegance to your home décor. With their professional look, they can also be used in official or commercial spaces to frame posters, certificates, and other promotional documents.

Acrylic Table Top Frames

These are acrylic picture frames meant to be placed on tabletops, counters, or any other surface. These are usually smaller in size as compared to the standoff frames to easily fit on top of surfaces. Also known as photo holders, they allow for easy swapping of photos due to the magnetic corners which you can easily pull apart.

They are a unique way to display memorable family moments around the house. Due to their simple design, you can also use them to place family photos on your office desk without appearing to crowd your space. To be able to stand, they are made with supportive elements such as a rod or an easel back.

Acrylic with Base

Also meant to be placed on top of surfaces are these acrylic picture frames with a base. This base is meant to provide functionality and also add on to the aesthetics of the frame. It enables the frame to stand on its own without needing help from bulky supportive elements providing better space utilization. Made in various shapes, materials, colors, and sometimes even engraved, the base allows the acrylic picture frames to assume different designs and make them more appealing.

Unlike the other tabletop acrylic frames, these are made to only be placed vertically. Their structure also allows them to be double-sided enabling you to showcase photos, menus, or any other items on both sides.

Acrylic Frames with Magnetic Backer

These acrylic picture frames with a magnetic backer provide for a convenient way to showcase photographs. They come with magnets at the back to enable them to hold on to magnetic surfaces. You, therefore, do not have to worry about mounting techniques and hardware. It also allows you to easily slip in your photos inside the sleeves for display.

These acrylic picture frames are suitable for household use. They are mostly stuck on refrigerators to display family photos, kid’s photos, wedding photos, and even uplifting quotes among others. You can also use them for the same in the office on magnetic surfaces such as the filing cabinets. Without having to place them on top of surfaces, they help to save on space.

Acrylic Box Frames

Box frames are a great way to add some depth and personality to your acrylic picture frames. You can use them to frame modern art or photographs for a contemporary look. The pieces are made to appear as though they are floating within the box frame. The box can be made of clear acrylic glass for a chic look. To make the frames art to be more vibrant, neon colors can also be used.

Acrylic box frames can take up different sizes. You can use them to spice up your home living space or even your workspace at the office.


Acrylic picture frames do not command too much attention leaving your artwork to stand out. Their simplicity and elegance make them to not only be an excellent addition to any home décor but also blend in when it comes to more official settings. These are some of the ways you could affordably incorporate acrylic picture frames into your framing ideas.

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