Tips For Framed Mirrors

Tips For Framed Mirrors

Decorate your house with custom-framed mirrors which are timeless, elegant and impart style, sophistication, and light to different types of spaces. When you think of mirrors, the first thought that strikes your mind is that they are used in the bathroom.

Well, yes! Very true. But nowadays, even mirrors have evolved to decorate the living areas. There are so several ways to use framed mirrors in your home like decorative mirrors. Framed mirrors are popular as they provide interest and the illusion of space where there is none. A framed mirror is used to brighten the darkroom, reflect light, and multiply the beautiful view. Moreover, it is used to visually expand the view of the room and add depth to space.

Tips For Framed Mirrors

Placement For Decorating Framed Mirrors:

Once you have decided to decorate your house with framed mirrors, the next thing is to decide the placement. What would be the best place to hang framed mirrors in your home?

While you are choosing a perfect location to hang the framed mirror keep in mind that it will reflect. The framed mirror must be located such that it could reflect the window’s abundant light, and the light coming from the chandelier. It can brighten up the room and make it look visually spacious. Feel obliged to hang one big mirror on the wall as it will set a modern and elegant tone. If you are leaning the framed mirror against the wall, then it will serve as a backdrop for smaller framed artwork or other decorative items.

You Can Hang Framed Mirrors In The Entryway Or Entrance Passage:

Your entrance passage with a framed mirror will make the first impression on the guests. It will make the entryway look aesthetic. You can also place the framed mirror directly above the console table to impart a welcoming touch and add warmth to the entrance.

Place The Framed Mirror Above The Mantel: Make sure you position the mirrors 4 to 5 inches above the top of the mantel. You must consider the thickness of the frame. You might wish to go higher if the frame and mirror are a bit thick. It will prevent the mirrors from casting a shadow over the other decor statement pieces.

Hanging The Framed Mirrors In The Bathroom: Well, this is quite common to hang the framed mirrors in the bathroom. Generally, we have observed people making use of frameless mirrors that are placed above the sink. If you want to get rid of this boring look, you can add frames around it to add some visual aesthetics.

Decorating framed mirrors on the difficult surfaces: You must ensure that you are using special drills for fixing framed mirrors on tile, glass, or brick walls. Finally, you can resume hanging with appropriate hardware as if you were hanging on drywall.

While Decorating Framed Mirrors On The Door: Choose a full-length mirror and position it so it takes up as much of the door as possible. You can make use of mirror clips as it is an easy way to execute the process, but expert picture framers recommend confirming that you have a solid quality door to work with so that hardware would fasten in properly.

What Type Of Frames For The Mirrors:

Make A Bold Statement With Framed Mirrors: You can frame the mirrors with an exotic, bold, or unusual finish or design. A framed mirror has the potential to overpower the traditional artwork and serve as a great decorative accent.

Framed mirrors with thick glass can help avoid flexing and distracting distortions. Making use of larger frames would be beneficial as it would be able to hold the weight of the mirror. In addition, it will keep the mirror in balance and proportion.


Whether you are looking forward to renovating your house or decorating your room, interesting and beautiful framed mirror ideas will inspire you to give your home a new look. Framed mirrors are considered to be the perfect blend of style and function that can serve the purpose of decorating your interior space. Also, they are essential in imparting a finishing look to the home. Framed mirrors can be the best choice when you want to make the small space look larger and the darkroom look brighter. Besides decorating your bathroom, you can use framed mirrors for decorative purposes. Usually, people opt to use modern mirror styles that are increasingly creative and unique, partly because of new technologies and partly because homeowners are looking for something distinctive.

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