Tips For Framing Art For A Gallery Show

Tips For Framing Art For A Gallery Show

Everybody loves art! It is an essential element to all sorts of wall decorations. Art when properly framed will increase the visual interest and add life to a room. The process of framing art is quite familiar to many people. However, most people do not know how to frame their artworks for a gallery show. Framing for personal interest is quite different from framing for a gallery show.

Be it print, painting, or photograph, the overall appearance of an artwork can be greatly enhanced with a good frame. Framing is important for art galleries as well. They act as the window to your art and bring commonality and value to your art piece. With framing, you get the chance to personally set the stage for your art. Being the window to your art, they further direct the viewer’s focus on the image. There are a lot of factors that must be considered before framing an artwork to be displayed in a gallery. Without paying attention to these factors, your artwork may end up being poorly framed.

When framing artwork for a gallery show, ensure that the frame used adds beauty to the artwork and complements it. If properly framed, your art will look sophisticated, refined, polished, and professional. In addition to what has been said already, other tips you should consider when framing art for a gallery show includes:

1. The frame should not overwhelm your artwork

The frame should not overwhelm your artwork

The colors and materials used in framing are the important factors you will need to consider when framing for an art gallery show. They must bring order and coordination to the art, as well as space where you will hang it. Your choice of the frame should not overwhelm the art itself. It should rather enhance the color and feel of the artwork. Your frame is meant to complement the artwork and not compete with it. The obvious and best choice for art like a white and black photograph is a frame with silver color. A frame with a design in white or gold is better for more traditional arts such as a painting or a portrait.

2. Consider the size of the artwork

The perfect framing choice for a fine art poster is a thin and elegant frame. It will give the art an exquisite look, and it will not distract from the art itself. You can make a bold statement with this type of frame for your very-one-of-a-kind gallery show. If you are using a mat for your artwork, the widths should not be equal. If they are, the eyes will be inclined to visualize it as stripes around your work. Reasonably, you should ensure that the mat is wider than the frame. Also, pay close attention to the size of the artwork. This is because the size of your frame is dependent on the overall size of your artwork. If the art is large, consider using a large frame.

3. Consider the aesthetic feeling

Without a doubt, frames create a feeling in the viewers’ minds. They can change the mood of your art and help curate a beautiful experience in ways that is difficult to merely express in words. Framing art has a large number of visual benefits. With a variety of combinations available, you can create a pleasurable visual with your art.

4. Make use of a mat

It is no secret that most framed artworks need matting. Matting prevents the art from coming in contact with the glass. They also allow the easy flow of air around the artwork. This is essential so that both the art and glass does not stick together as time goes on. Also, mats are great at making a visual transition space between the artwork and the wall. They can act as a window that brings a powerful line of sight to your piece. A mat that is lighter than the artwork is the appropriate one to use. Also, the mat should be lighter than the wall. If you prefer a more traditional look, select a distinct color from the art to enhance the mat color. Your choice of matting for your artwork will make your artwork stand apart from the other artwork on display.

5. Know where to hang your frame

Know where to hang your frame

Besides framing, an equally important aspect is how you hang your frame in a gallery show. Moreover, it is a whole lot easier to hang frame art than unframed art. For your framed artwork to get the attention you so much desire, you should hang it in the proper way. Ensure that the hanging hardware at the back of the frame is strong enough to keep your artwork well secured. You should consider the weight and size before installing hanging hardware to the back of the frame. When hanging, your frame should be at eye level. In a gallery art show having the art at eye level is a must as that is where it can easily be seen and enjoyed.

6. Support and protect your artwork

Framing art gives the piece some sort of longevity. As it is for an art gallery show, with people moving all around, the frame should be sturdier. If it is, your artwork will be less prone to falling and breaking. After all, a frame’s protective purpose is to safeguard your artwork and preserve it for a long period. Aside from the visual display the frame brings, high-quality frames will also protect the artwork from harmful ultraviolet rays and fluctuating temperatures.


There are many factors to consider when framing art for a gallery show. The art must be properly framed, matted if needed, and secured with hanging support. All these will help to elegantly display your art. Follow the tips discussed above if you want your art to stand out in a gallery show. To get more framing art ideas for a gallery show, consider paying a visit to a few galleries. Take note of the textures, colors, and combinations that interests you. A perfectly framed art can set you up for success in a gallery show. Be sure that the frame you use matches your sense of style and brings out the beauty in your art.

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