Tips For Framing Over-sized Photos

Tips For Framing Over-sized Photos

Large photo frames are an amazing decor element on any wall, and they add splendor to the living room. If you are worried about how you can frame large photo prints without encountering few challenges, this post is for you.

Styling a large wall with an oversize photo is an exciting experience; therefore, you need to do it the right way. The accurate measurements, the type of frames, and the type of prints that would be used will determine the outcome of your final photo.

However, over-sized photos are very attractive to behold, and they make a very noticeable style statement in your home, creating an extra feeling of good taste and class. In this post, you will be able to learn a few tips on how to frame your over-sized photo prints to give your home an artistic touch.

Print Out An Over-sized Photo

This is the first thing you must do before you opt for a frame. Since you are trying to make a large photo frame, your photo must be fairly large or over-sized. This kind of photo may be a group photo, family photo, a self-portrait, or any other kind of photo. It may even be an acrylic photo print.

Whatever kind of photo you wish to make an over-sized print, it must be of a very high resolution. If your large print must stand out, every detail must be considered. Therefore, the higher the resolution of the image, the higher the quality it forms in terms of details and sharpness, thereby causing the large piece of the photo print to be breathtaking to behold.

Pick Out A Frame

Just like you would have to choose an over-sized photo print, you will next need a very large frame for a flawless fit. While reproducing art, you can use a custom frame or a standard frame.

Custom framing just like its name is specially made to order for an individual. It is a little more expensive than standard frames because this type of frame is molded, either with metal or wood. It is also glazed and has a matt. Since every piece undergoes individual selection, it takes a longer time to finish the process.

On the other hand, standard frames are already made ready for purchase frames found in frame stores in New York or any local craft stores with varying sizes. If you are using standard frames, you must ensure the size of the photo matches the size of the frame, so that you can have an exceptionally beautiful piece of art to put up on display.


For your over-sized photo print to look more eye-catching, you have to include a matt in it. Matt is a flat and thin piece of material that is used in mounting printed photos. It doesn’t only add appealing features to the printed photo but also protects your photo.

Smaller Pieces

If the photo you want to print is excessively over-sized, you can split the photo into several smaller sizes. This way, the photo will be less difficult to print.

This method of splitting the photos into multiples can also be stylish and creative if you decide to break the monotony of creating massive wall art. Use photo editing applications to edit. It helps in segmenting the photos equally.

Subsequently, after the photos have been printed, using digital printing services, collect them individually and arrange them properly, so they can appear as one piece or one single image.

Frameless Glass

Frameless Glass

Frameless glass is a classy idea if you are looking to add glamour and style while decorating your home. One easy way to mount a large photo in frameless glass is by using binding clips.

If this option seems like a good idea for your large print, you must first cut out the glass to the appropriate size and dimension, similar to your large photo print.

Frameless glass often looks astounding with large photos if you want to add elegance to the room. For a large piece of art, frameless glass is indeed not a bad idea.

Location And Hanging

Location And Hanging

After you have put your over-sized photo or artwork in a proper frame, the next step is to decide where you are going to hang it. This decision matters because a large piece will always affect the entirety of your room in a quality way.

Large frames are perfect in personalized areas since they draw a lot of attention and are also very pleasant to behold. However, hanging the frames near your unique space or personalized zones such as your office or study area or above household objects like a couch or bed is a great idea.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to hang them near these items, but you want to leave them standing alone on a plain large wall, be careful not to leave them hanging so high or low. Hang it appropriately, on an eye-level, not in a way that you have to strain your eyes or head. Consider putting it up at a moderate height.

The Surrounding Decoration

For a wall frame to make a statement, usually, what completes it is its surroundings. Therefore, carefully choose the area in your house where you want to hang your large piece. Ensure that the room is stylish enough to accommodate the piece.

Since the large frame will be taking up space as well as a lot of admiration, you will have to minimize the decor in that area by keeping it simple. If you have a colorful piece of art, you should ideally use neutral colors to set the remaining parts of the room.


Although smaller size photo prints are easier and sometimes safer to handle, over-sized pieces are still more alluring to behold, and they add that special taste, warmth, and class to a room. Understand that large photos don’t only add charm to the home, but they are considered to be household decor elements that may last for decades.

Shun the idea of leaving your wall insufficiently exploited with a giant photo frame, don’t limit your creative ideas by thinking you only have to surround your wall with smaller pieces. The truth is when an extraordinary piece is put in a frame, it creates an enormous appeal to give the piece of art an additional layer of appeal and potency.

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