What Are The Easiest Ways To Find The Perfect Frame?

What Are The Easiest Ways To Find The Perfect Frame_

Getting the picture frame that is just perfect for a piece of art can be overwhelming. This gets more profound if you have little or zero knowledge about framing beforehand. Selecting the perfect picture frame for your art is just as important as hanging the picture the right way. Not only does a frame complements the space around where it is been displayed, it also enhances your piece.

Frames exist in many sizes and types. It comes in varieties from which you can pick from. Metallic, wooden, and black or white are some common types of frames. There is a difference in the kind of feel that individual type of frame gives. For instance, if the white and black frame is used appropriately, it can emphasize the beauty and elegance of a piece. You get a warm and classic feel from the wooden frame. The metallic frame on the other hand exudes a trendy and modern vibe.

Below are some tips that will help you find the perfect frame for your piece in the easiest of ways:

1. Be aware of the type of material that complements your style

Knowing the type of material from which a frame is made is one thing you should take into account when looking for the perfect frame. There is a variety of wood and metal frame from which you can select. These frames come in different thicknesses, colors, and styles. Different material frames fit well with distinct styles and pieces. So, consider a frame material that will suit your style. As you choose a frame material that will suit your style, also make sure it will complement the piece you want to frame and the environment where it will be displayed.

Metal has a simplistic nature that works well with a monochromatic white and black photo. Rather than shifting attention away from the piece, the metal frame enhances its appearance. The wooden frame is another alternative. It offers a more rugged and traditional look. Wooden frames best complements large-scale photographs or paintings.

2. Choose a complementary frame color

Choose a complementary frame color

You can take a different approach when choosing a frame’s color. It could be that you want to lay more emphasis on a piece or you are after one that complements the interior design. Whichever is your motive, ensure that what you want with the frame aligns with it. If a frame color is simple and clean, consider a color that is opposite to what you have in the piece of art. However, you should not lay too much emphasis on the color of your frame to specific colors of the piece.

While selecting a frame, you should think of the overall tone of the piece. The effect of this is striking and it helps to draw attention to the display that is framed. This approach suits almost all kinds of artworks. Not only do you add character to the display, but a frame with an opposite color also lets you make a bold statement.

3. Select a color from the piece

One great way to get the perfect custom frame for your piece is by choosing one of the colors displayed in the piece. When displayed, it helps create some sense of originality and continuity. If you are picking one color, make sure that it is either small or it is widely distributed. Matching a frame of a single color with the same shade helps create a feeling of stability. You can also draw attention to a tiny shade within the piece by choosing a frame color that matches the shade’s color. This approach draws attention to the frame while making the piece look vibrant.

4. The matting matters

Frames with good matting will enhance the piece within it. When a frame is matted, it raises the level of the artwork in a classic way. Not only does good matting help in preserving your piece, it also looks great in the frame. To make your frame perfect, you should stick to cream or white matting. Colored mattings are more likely to look rugged and old with time. Having the color of the mat different from that of the frame will draw attention to the piece.

5. The size of the frame is important

The size of the frame is important

The perfect custom frame supports the piece that goes inside of it. A strong and sturdy frame is what you should also look for. The perfect frame for you will secure the piece and last long. You can go for lighter frames if the artwork is simple and not expensive.

6. Think neutral

Neutral-colored frames never go out of time. An example is a white frame which greatly complements any piece. White frames are particularly classic and clean. It is just the perfect frame for you if you want the colors in your piece to standout.

7. Think of something simple

Finding a frame that matches your home decoration is the most important thing here, even more important than getting one that matches the color in the piece. When you achieve this, then you can say you found yourself a perfect frame. Your frame of choice should either complement your home’s décor or add spark to it. However, being simple doesn’t mean that the color of the wall must be the same as the frame color.

8. Seek assistance from a framer

When trying to get the perfect frame for your piece, it is good that you are open-minded and opinionated at the same time. You can share your opinions with a framer. A framer that is good at what he does will take time to understand your work and offer suggestions that suit your taste. You will get more assistance when you share what you have in mind with a framer. Collaboration is a good way to finding the perfect frame; a framer can help with that.


It takes a lot to get the frame that is just perfect. It can get confusing because of the vast amount of options available to you. Consider a frame that will complement the piece. The process becomes easier when you share your thoughts with a framer. Make sure that you are intuitive, open-minded, and interactive when discussing with a framer.

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