What Does H-W-R Mean In Picture Framing?

What Does H-W-R Mean In Picture Framing

Picture framing your photos or artwork is a way of displaying your personality to the viewers. The choice of your frame, the way the artwork is hung and the size of the frames are all important factors that help in enhancing the beauty of the artwork. You might be wondering how the size of the picture frame can influence the look of the artwork?

What Is The Significance Of Frame Size in Picture Framing?

While selecting a picture frame for the artwork, it is essential to take into consideration the size of the frame you would require. A-frame size that perfectly fits the artwork would enhance its beauty. Otherwise, choosing the wrong frame size can destroy the look of the artwork.

How do you determine the right dimensions to suit your needs? In order to determine the right dimensions of the picture frame you need to focus on the frame’s H, W, R: height, width, and rabbet.

Understanding your frame profile and how rabbet works is important in determining the correct frame size.

Picture frame profiles have four basic measurements –

  • Height of the frame
  • Width of the frame
  • Rabbet Depth of the frame
  • Rabbet Width of the frame

You are already familiar with the height and width of the picture frames. What does the rabbet of a picture frame mean? Let’s understand each and every term in-depth.

Height of the picture frame: Height is the measure of the vertical length of the picture frame. It is called the “H” measurement of the picture frame.

Width of the picture frame: Width of the frame is the horizontal distance between the two sides of the frame. It is called the “W” measurement of the picture frame.

Rabbet of the picture frame

Each and every frame has a rabbet, which is also called as the R measurement of the picture frame. It represents the inside depth of the frame. Rabbet measurements are important as it will let you know how deep should be the frame to correctly hold the artwork for the material being framed.

Rabbet (or rabbet width) of a picture frame refers to the area that your print sits in when mounted in your picture frame. Generally, a rabbet width of ¼″ is standard on most frames and constitutes the difference between the frame’s viewable area and ‘to fit’ size.

The rabbet depth comes into play when you have a print that is of significant thickness. In this instance, you’ll need to look for a picture frame that has a deep enough rabbet for your framing needs.

To receive the correct size picture frame, it’s important to understand how frames are measured, the difference between the viewable opening and the ‘to fit’ size. Whenever you are measuring the dimensions of the picture frame just ensure that you measure the opening/viewable area in-between the mouldings and from the front.

Why Measuring The Artwork And Picture Frame Correctly Is Important?

Measuring your art as well as the frame correctly is perhaps the most important step in the framing process — if the art size is off, the rest of the measurements for the frame, matting, cover, backing, etc. will also be off, and we don’t want that!

In What Standard Sizes Te Picture Frames Are Available?

Small picture frames are a great option for someone who has limited wall space or lots of family photos. By hanging smaller frames, you can fit more pictures on your walls. You can hang many smaller pictures or leave lots of wall space to highlight the images you choose to hang. Smaller frames enhance the beauty of the surrounding area.

2ʺ x 2ʺ
3ʺ x 3ʺ
3ʺ x 5ʺ
3.5ʺ x 5ʺ
4ʺ x 4ʺ
4ʺ x 6ʺ
4ʺ x 10ʺ
5ʺ x 5ʺ

Medium picture frames are basically considered as the standard picture frame size. This option is perfect for displaying photos on a desk or wall.

5ʺ x 7ʺ
6ʺ x 8ʺ
8ʺ x 10ʺ
9ʺ x 12ʺ
10ʺ x 12ʺ

Large picture frames are a fun addition to your home decor. You can use these frames to display large art pieces or to create a collage of your favorite photographs.

10ʺ x 13ʺ
11ʺ x 14ʺ
12ʺ x 12ʺ
12ʺ x 16ʺ
16ʺ x 20ʺ


Picture framing is the best way to decorate the house so that it feels welcoming. Whether you are shifting to a new place or trying to renovate your current home, picture frames are the ultimate solution! The beauty of picture framing is that you can customize them according to your style and personality. While getting a custom frame you must know about the height width and rabbet of the picture frames. Technically, it is the job of the professional frames to customize the frame and get into the right dimensions of the frame. But being familiar with the terminology and their meaning will help you to understand the framing concept deeply.

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