Which is the Better Option for Artwork? Glass vs. Acrylic Display Cases

Which Is the Better Option for Artwork Glass vs. Acrylic Display Cases

The curated artwork has the perfect foil in the display case selected, given only two variety of display cases that go with every artwork. They comprise glass and acrylic. You couldn’t be further away from selecting a display case for the art that will be framed with pride in one of the art galleries downtown. You now have a choice between two display cases that will be worthy of the artwork and so it is left to you to select the best one.

The display cases are glass and acrylic and while you are familiar with glass, there is little knowledge about acrylic.

What is Acrylic?
Acrylics are a transparent plastic that fills-in for glass at all times. The two types of acrylic used in manufacturing include:

Injection Molding: A transparent thermoplastic used in the development of sunglasses and bakery bins.

Hand-crafted acrylic: Is crystal clear and finds selective use in the manufacture of sophisticated items such as the display cases for artworks. Getting to the heart of the matter, which of the two, acrylic or glass is ideally suitable for a display case. The answer is acrylic without a thread of doubt, and the reasons are many as listed below.

Appearance: If you notice, glass has a greenish tint at the edges that distracts the viewers from viewing the artwork in full glory. However, acrylic is not corrupted, with no tint at the edges and gives a clear and glorious view of the artwork.

Tenacity: Glass as everyone knows cracks and breaks into fragments on falling but it is not so with acrylic. Acrylic just has a small crack to show for the fall and nothing more.

Safety: Shatterproof acrylic does not break at the slightest jar or fall but glass breaks into a million pieces on falling and sharp fragments of glass could cut the hands of visitors.

Moldability: Acrylic can be molded into any shape or size and brings forth innovativeness in creating manifold custom display cases.

Lightness: A custom acrylic box is lighter in weight than glass and so is convenient to lug around the premises while the same cannot be said of glass. Acrylic may be lighter than glass on many counts but does this mean that anyone can lift the display case and just walk away with the contents! So there must be a means of preventing this from happening. Acrylic can be secured to the plinth and this helps with the security and the display case cannot be knocked off by someone just brushing past it. So securing a location onto the plinth is of utmost importance when a display case has been brought.

Glass has its own set of limited features that go with it which include

  • High scratch Resistance
  • An Expensive Look.
  • Heavy so permanently installed.

However this is not enough to topple acrylic from being the coveted display case.

With this comparison between glass and acrylic coming to an end, there is no hesitation left in the mind of the viewers in attributing acrylic as the better option amongst the two in serving as an able display case.

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