Why Custom Picture Frame Is Better Than Normal Frame

Why Custom Picture Frame Is Better Than Normal FrameCustom-made and Ready-made frames are frames of different types sold both online and in picture framing shops. The difference between these two types of frames is that custom-made frames are completely handmade to suit each customer’s special demand, while ready-made picture frames are produced in mass quantities with standard sizes.

If you are embarking on a framing project, you need to select the right frame that will be suitable for your work, thereby considering the color of the mat, glazing option, and frame style. Decide on whether you want to go with either a custom or a normal frame. No matter your preferred choice, custom, and normal frame types will work differently depending on your framing project. Additionally, the features of your artwork would ascertain the type of frame you will go for, including the size of the artwork, the medium used during production, and the general level of preservation that is desired.

The Importance of Custom Framing Over Normal Framing.

Normal Picture Frames Only Come In Standard Sizes

Normal Picture Frames Only Come In Standard Sizes

Normal size frames are generally bought from frame stores in New York, and they are also known as standard size frames. It is impossible to purchase an odd size standard frame because they always come in fundamental photo sizes like 5×7, 8×10, 10×12, 12×16, 16×20, 20×24, and so on. This means your artwork or photo must be able to fit the size of your standard frame.

In certain cases where the frame is too small for your artwork, you might have to cut your artwork slightly, or if the frame is too oversized compared to your artwork, you might have to add a decorative extension to your artwork so that it can correspond with the frame.

On the other hand, if you opt for a custom-made frame, a custom framer will readily make a frame that suits your taste and matches the measurement of your artwork. A custom framer uses quality materials with unique tools and techniques. Added with their skills, they will produce a perfect frame for your artwork.

Custom-Made Picture Frames Are Personalized Frames

Custom-Made Picture Frames Are Personalized Frames

Custom frames are often perfectly cut and put together just the way you want them, so if you still want to use a standard-sized frame, you only have to choose the style and color of frame you desire, you could even include the use of mat by approaching it the custom way.

However, normal frames lack personalization, and that can be disappointing to a certain level since you only get to choose from what is presented on the shelf and nothing else matters. Since normal frames have less quality and specialty, often made of plastics or resins, they have less attractive features, unlike custom frames, which have special features that add an extra touch that projects the artwork.

Acidic Material Problems at the Back of the Frame

Normal Picture frames can be acidic because of the components that are included while framing. Most people do not consider the back of their frames as integral to framing their prized photograph or picture. They are only interested in what the frame looks like when it is viewed from the front. While you are drawn towards how beautiful a frame looks while viewing it from the front, the back of the frame should be considered equally seriously since it will determine the longevity of your frame.

Always go for an acid-free frame so that it will actively fight off corrosive chemicals that appear later on the frame and wears off the texture. These chemicals are always present in most artwork pieces and photo prints so, if you use a normal frame, there may be no combat to stop the erosion of chemicals.

Many normal frames are fixed using cardboard-like components that are highly acidic. This kind of framed artwork can encounter corrosion over time. To be on the best track, use an acid-free backing so that the artwork can stand the test of time.

The Corners Of Normal Frames Are Not As Properly Aligned As Custom-Made Frames.

Custom framers offer more gentleness when handling frames. They ensure details of each frame they make are tailored to those who seek their service, and they make sure their customers receive their products in their quality state. However, normal frames bought from the stores are produced in mass quantity, waiting to be picked on the shelf. They are made with no particular buyer crossing the mind of the framer.

Normal frames will often have misaligned corners because of poor attention and dedication to the job. Custom frames, on the other hand, will always have an edge over normal frames, and because of the level of quality in custom-made frames, the framers are diligent in fixing the corners of the frame to ensure no cracks will be visible.


Many people do not understand that there is a big difference between normal frames and custom frames. They probably think any frame can be obtained just by simply strolling into a drugstore or a crafts shop. Not all frames, mats, and glazing are the same. They vary in all possible features.

While you may have issues with how pricey custom frames are, they are worth the penny as they are good quality-made compared to regular frames. Customarily, you want to go with the good quality custom framing option, especially if your artwork is a masterpiece of great value.

However, if your artwork or photo is just an informal piece, standard frames will be okay since not every artwork should be fixed using custom-made frames, but for those artworks that look deserving of custom framings, you must go for it by all means. A custom frame will elevate your artwork, adding a unique class to the appeal of the artwork, improving your business and personality.

Nevertheless, custom picture frames purchased online are not as expensive as those sold in drug stores, so if you are thinking of quality frames with no acidic components and lasting a long time, the custom-made frame is the best option.

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